The Reign of Regis

The wacky, witty television host who has dazzled America for decades retires.
3:00 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for The Reign of Regis
Well tomorrow marks the end of an Arab before there was hope brought before there was Phil Donahue there was Regis Regis Philbin has been a fixture in living rooms across the country for over half a century. Logging nearly 171000. Hours of the air. But to his final morning on the set of the show that he created by -- security BC Katie -- has been spending quality time with -- just. -- -- it light but what did you learn about Regis. Let you know he is this warm and wonderful off camera as he is on camera -- you know he's very authentic he's very real plan. Yet I think there's some deep -- that insecurity at the young man he was very unsure of himself he didn't have a lot of self confidence -- his parents for very disapprove eight. Up the notion of him going into show business nonetheless he's -- and show this for more than fifty years his first job was as an NB CH. Back in 1956 -- he wanted to be a singer like his idol Bing Crosby or a late night TV host like his other idol Johnny Carson but luckily for us. He became our morning cup of Regis. In 28 years there have been -- -- I can't say it. -- -- And after -- him. And milky. -- And -- curious about -- And for nearly three decades this is routine both on and off the air. Has been virtually the same. I've got a shot -- A preview of the taste -- packaged like eight -- let. A newspaper delivery at 840 courtesy of his work through considerably Gary gold teeth and all these hearings 7000 a week it. And at 845 -- gets ready and on the run down. By executive producer extraordinaire. Michael Gelman got Gelman just walked in. He's never admit there's certainly -- -- Making her way to look at what time -- -- Days. -- -- Ready or not. You being -- yeah. Cannot come by dawn this morning I opened the -- is Katie Couric with a little class a little cup of coffee we you meet your apartment and hand. -- she did not sleep over last night. Unvarnished unrehearsed. And unscripted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you hate reality television today. Is sort I have to blame them. Region myself for that because we were the first ones -- But I know that never got paid to talk about their lives for lives -- -- popcorn yet Clark Hunt are gonna take a little trip. Memory lane -- just awful I hate memory -- I don't. Banks. Followed remember reading. Who the last big goodbye online is when Kathie Lee left -- and this is quite touching -- think. Earlier. -- -- Have a sense when he was canonize -- -- is tough it's going to be tough for me. You know are you looking forward not really -- the kinda. -- -- -- a morning news it is. -- fans looking for their filled in -- after tomorrow will be able to find him that a series of night club dates he scheduled this winter. Both mornings will never -- be the -- For him or for us. The definition of maestro is a master of an arms -- and Regis Philbin and made his unique brand of television. I'm art forms all its own. Jones the moon -- gave me just -- these benefits. I hope you'll be remembered most score. 171000 hours in front of the television cameras on -- battlefield. Network defense. What I'll miss most after all these years in. All the excitement of walking out -- -- hearings on the walls and and knowing that the audiences stand there on -- side everybody at the same -- you can't do that. -- Well but it's not over yet not only did you do when our special with -- tonight Good Morning America this morning and now -- line. You're going back for more that's right -- port. Things have not seen the laughed at -- and -- think he's gonna take at a TRO at this point but I'm -- -- in the audience tomorrow morning to watch him. Say goodbye and I think it's going to be very emotional he assures me he's not gonna cry at that and ten bucks that he will -- -- you know who lancer actually when you watch tomorrow -- today cannot find. Ten bucks richer or poor and then give you my box of Kleenex yes exactly I think I'll cry even if he doesn't exactly thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The wacky, witty television host who has dazzled America for decades retires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14979662","title":"The Reign of Regis","url":"/Nightline/video/reign-regis-14979662"}