Remembering Iconic 'Star Wars' Actress Carrie Fisher

Fisher, best known for playing Princess Leia, was born into Hollywood royalty and struggled with bi-polar disorder, addiction.
10:21 | 12/28/16

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Transcript for Remembering Iconic 'Star Wars' Actress Carrie Fisher
For fans in mourning this evening, Carrie fisher dead at age 60. Best known for princess Leia in "Star wars." She was an acclaimed writer. Her famous friends and co-stars are grieving tonight as we remember her extraordinary life. Help me obi wan kenobi. You are my only hope. The role that defined her career, princess Leia, the Hai heroine of the sci-fi series that swept the world. She was just 20 and she made the rebel leader larger than life. At age 59 she reprised the role and raptured audiences. Some things never change. Still, still drive me crazy. She died this morning after a suffering a heart attack. He was 60. She leaves behind her mother Debbie Reynolds and brother and father Todd fisher shared a personal memory and emotional interview. We were close friends. I was the younger brother. She drug me around the house like a doll. Very strange place to be looking at the world without her. Reporter: Stars co-star Harrison Ford described fisher in a statement T Carrie was one of a kind, brilliant, original, funny, emotionally fearless. She lived her life bravely. It was four days ago when fisher fell critically ill aboard a flight from L.A. We have some passengers, nurses assisting the passenger. We have an unresponsive passenger. They are working on her right now. Reporter: The Los Angeles fire department called though the gate for a patient in cardiac arrest. Performing cpr before fisher was transported to UCLA medical center. Her family at her bedside and her French bull dog, her constant companion on the red carpet during interviews. Even this appearance. This is Gary. This is Gary. He is very famous on Twitter. He likes to look at himself. Wouldn't you if you looked like that? Fisher, like her "Star wars" character was known for her fierce personality. We were used to seeing characters, princess characters in science fiction movies as being decorative, right, not being strong or driving the action. She proved to be a princess Leia who was fight, incomable, who gave as good as she got. Someone get this walking carpet out of my way. Reporter: Her dry wit on display with David Muir discussing the character she could never seem to get away from. Carrie is lprincess Leia and people come up to you on the streets for 30 years. That's my favorite, princess Leia and I'm supposed to go, yes, you rang. Do you answer to that? No. I very, very -- you know, I have a lot of pride. I don't answer to a space princess name when I'm in my actual life. Reporter: She returned to the role in 2015 and resistance again had its fearless leader. Our sister is the next target. What do you think? The parts I'm in it are distressing but everything else is great. When they hear the parts with you in them R distressing. I got older and no one told me and then they put me on a screen really, really big and they put me in hi-def. Reporter: Carrie fisher was born in to a Hollywood royal family 60 years ago in Beverly hills. The daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie fisher. First gracing the silver screen at 18, playing a teenager temptress opposite Warren beatty in "Shampoo." Are you? Are you what? Making it with my mother? It was the iconic role of princess Leia, two years later that catapulted her to super stardom. Somebody has to save our skin. Reporter: Back then this Hollywood princess wasn't confident playing galactic royalty. I had a round face and they asked me to lose ten pounds. Because they thought it was in any face. At 19 years old, and they tell you you have to lose ten pounds. You want to hide. You think they will say you didn't lose it. Bring in Jodi foster. Which didn't happen. But I was nervous. The irony is princess Leia inspired young girls -- But not to be pretty. She was really pretty. Yes. And I didn't know that. Reporter: Fisher struggled with the sex symbol label bestowed on her. After an unforgettable metallic bikini scene. If you are going to wear a slave outfit make sure a giant slug makes you do it and make sure you are 23. Harrison and her helped to launch the franchise status. It led to one of the most famous scenes of all. I love you. I know. The famous moment where you say "I love you." I know. That's what he says. I know. Would he say that today? Yeah, he would. Still a wise guy? He is still a wise guy. We have been through a lot and trying to get it together. Nice man. Nice man. But it was not all acting. In her memory, "The princess diaries" she claims she had a brief affair with the 33-year-old married Ford while filming the first "Star wars." Her life was punctuated by a struggle with bipolar disorder in addition. I'm mentally ill. I have a chemical imbalance in its most extreme state will lead me to a mental hospital. Reporter: She told Diane sawyer her mental illness fuelled her drug abuse. Each day you wake up and decide what you need that day in order to feel, what? Less. Just feel less. Carrie fisher was important on screen for embodying an iconic character. Off screen she was important for coming out and talking about her fight with being bipolar, with drugs, addiction and rehab and it demystified those problems and made it acceptable for people to say I do have a problem with addiction. Reporter: She channelled her story of struggle in to creative work. Her book "Postcards from the edge, tale of an actress hooked on pills" turned in to a movie starring Meryl Streep. Dropping somebody off. Is this an emergency room? One woman stage show on HBO. I was invited to go to a mental hospital. Well, you don't want to be rude, right? So you go. Reporter: He also battled the stigma of mental illness off screen. Harvard awarded her the outstanding lifetime achievement award for activism this year. Her real life loves included a tumultuous marriage to Paul Simon. His song "Hearts and bones" inspired by their haerelationship. And later a relationship with her agent. She delighted "Star wars" fans by rekindling her bond with Harrison Ford in "The force awakens." You changed your hair. Same jacket. Reporter: Submitting her legacy as a trail blazer in the world of science fiction, appearing not as a princess but as a general. Excuse me, princess -- general, sorry. I love this. Jenna bush has a blog dedicated to women in sci-fi. She was princess Leia. She was the only role model that most of us had as little girls in the '70s. Women were decoration. They were draped over the hero. This woman stood up to darth vader. Basically fixed her own rescue. I had never seen anything like that before. Reporter: The role revolutionary in a male-dominated genre. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board. All of a sudden we started to see women who did more than sit there once princess Leia was out there and started to see girls demand that. We wanted more than Barbie. That legacy bush says will live on. Seeing her changed my entire life. I think that little girls, decades from now, watching episode four will fall in love with her the way I did. Reporter: Tonight an outpouring of grief from fisher's 0 co-stars. Mark Hamill tweeting "No words, devastated." And George Lucas, the creator of "Star wars" said in a statement, in "Star wars" she was our great and powerful princess, feisty, wise and full of hope in a role more difficult than most people may think. The people that worked on "Star wars" with her, they adored her. They just adored her. She was an idol worth looking up to. Reporter: In Bob ieger, the CEO and chairman of Disney said "Millions fell in love with her as the incomable princess Leia. She will always have a special place in the hearts of "Star wars" fans." Some things never change. True, still drive me crazy. In the meantime, she will no doubt be reremembered by legions of fans with the iconic line -- May the force be with you.

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{"duration":"10:21","description":"Fisher, best known for playing Princess Leia, was born into Hollywood royalty and struggled with bi-polar disorder, addiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"44426681","title":"Remembering Iconic 'Star Wars' Actress Carrie Fisher","url":"/Nightline/video/remembering-iconic-star-wars-actress-carrie-fisher-44426681"}