Republican National Convention: Political Frenemies

GOP stars, from Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann to Ron Paul, roll into Tampa as hurricane stalls events.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Republican National Convention: Political Frenemies
Well, instead of opening with a bang today as it was scheduled to do, the republican national convention opened with a rain check due to the encroaching storm, the real start of the convention has been postponed unti tomorrow. And abc news has learned that governor romney will arrive tomorrow as well, two days earlier than planned. My co-anchor terry moran comes to us now from tampa at the convention center. Terry, is there a sense down there that postponing was the right decion? It is, cynthia. They didn't want to host a disaster, they wanted to host a convention and there was the possibility of the latter. And also, not a lot goes on on the first days of the convention. Not a lot of people watch them, frankly, on the first day. They will play a little catch-up by romney's arriving early but the distraction and the show goes on. The latest survey has president obama and governor romney in a dead heat. What does the governor need to do in the next three days, terry, to pull ahead? I think we all sense this. He's got to connect. Mitt romney has got to give the american people a fix on who he is, his character, his leadership, and what kind of president he would be. And that job begins right here with the delegates down on the floor here. This is a fractious bunch. A lot of different republicans. So his first test is to bring them together, and it is "your voice your vote," the republican convention. In some ways, it's like a family affair here. A gathering of the clan, the erl elders, the new generation all of it. They have their differences these republicans. And there was one official piece of business on this storm-shortened convention day. In session and called to order. ♪ what the up ♪ Reporter: And this is what you might call the unofficial convention where the ha hell-raisers and outside who made the primaries so raucous and unpredictable. Michele bachmann, newt gingrich still firing things up. And this newcomer who streaked to the top of the polls before vanishing, herman cain. How are you doing? I'm okay. If you would have told me you were not wearing a tie I would not have worn one either. Reporter: Caine gets mobbed wherever he goes here. This is terry's show, you know. Reporter: He has no big speech, you aren't taking center stage here? Oh, no, when I was a candidate and we were doing those debate, governor romney is one of the most likable people out there. Reporter: You like him? I like him. Reporter: So herman cain is on board, but not everyone is. We will get into the camp, believe me because we will become the camp eventually. Reporter: Ron paul spoke at the delegates but he will not engorse romney. There's one family spat that could get a little awkward. People at the convention are worried that how much trouble we would cause. Reporter: What will paul's fervent libertarian followers do here? To find out, we headed to the convention floor. And here we are, the republican national convention. It's like it's always smaller in person than they look like on tv. Roaming the floor, we kept meeting ron paul delegates, maybe newcomers just basking in it all. This is my first convention, I'm happy to be here. Reporter: Troy christianson is from flower mound, texas, and he's a ron paul supporter who will stick to his guns now. How big is texas. We have 155 delegates and 152 alternates. Reporter: All for romney? Well, we'll all be for romney after the convention. Reporter: And then we bumped into linda beane, she's the granddaughter of l.L. Bean. I think it's a matter of trust and is he genuine with what he's saying. Can we trust what he's saying? Reporter: Romney has a problem with trust? I believe he does. I don't believe ron paul does. Reporter: At every convention like every family gathering who gets to sit where depends on who's in favor. Who gets the best seats in the house. Usually the candidate's home state. With romney, which one is that, well, massachusetts right in front. But the best seat in the house -- michigan. And so it was there, right out front, in the massachusetts space that we found the most enthusiastic mitt romney supporter we've ever met. What would you tell people who are on the fence who don't know romney? What's the best thing about him? This guy is the midas, the king midas of family life. Everything that he touches turns to gold. Reporter: Now romney has to reach out and touch the many branches of the republican family. They want that to come together, but they have a little work to do yet. ♪ so the plan by thursday night is that they will all be singing the same tune on key, and heading into the general election where they will be pumped, no question about it, to take on president obama. Cynthia. Our thanks to you, terry. We know you'll be right down there telling us how they're doing.

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{"id":17092095,"title":"Republican National Convention: Political Frenemies","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP stars, from Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann to Ron Paul, roll into Tampa as hurricane stalls events.","url":"/Nightline/video/republican-national-convention-political-frenemies-17092095","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}