Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe

ABC News' Amy Walter breaks down the GOP debate and Rick Perry's brain lock.
3:03 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe
A lot of what comes out of politicians -- can seem -- but campaigning is still a living arts as Texas governor Rick Perry. Reminded everyone and tonight's presidential debate it happened when he wound up to deliver the list of three federal departments he would obliterate. It's three agencies and government when I get there that are gone commerce education. And the what's the third when there let's. -- all five. OK -- commerce education and the I think again BBA. We're talking about it now. Those who were talking about that. Agencies of government EPA needs to be rebuilt but you know -- -- about you can't -- they're going. The third agency of government I would I would do away with the education. The -- aipac the commerce. -- city and I can't but there and I can't the. Oops can't help but picture all this federal employees wondered if there agency plus one -- try to remember ABC political director -- Walter joins us from Washington. What happened there how was he doing before that. You know before this he was actually having a relatively decent debate in fact. Seconds before that happened I was actually sending an email to someone -- you know Rick Perry is looking pretty strong in all this. And then when that happened and I tweet it loud at that moment. Dear Saturday Night Live -- welcome sincerely Rick Perry for and Herman Cain as well. That's right this was supposed to be a debate where Herman Cain was under fire where he was -- have to answer a lot of questions about all the allegations that have come of this week. Instead he got a pass not only are we only talking about Rick Perry right now but even during the debate when the question was asked about this issue the accusations leveled at him. The audience include a lot and they -- down the questioners. Herman Cain -- never showed up in the spin room at least Rick Perry did and tried to defendants he did you let's sure let's roll that moment as -- sort of owned his gaffe. I'm glad I had not it's on the night -- stepped in and out there that was embarrassing courtroom was. So is this a campaign Ender for hammers this survivable. We'll -- -- nine lives -- I don't know they candidates get that many lives may be they get three. There -- a lot of people out there right now on the Internet on the Twitter is a lot of political analysts out there saying this may be the end of the Perry campaign right now. And Mitt Romney stands -- gain the most from this is folks are pretty -- tonight enjoying this -- They absolutely are any hasn't had to lift a finger to do this every single one of his opponents. Has self imploded they knew Walter appreciate your funds -- inside -- --

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{"id":14920868,"title":"Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe","duration":"3:03","description":"ABC News' Amy Walter breaks down the GOP debate and Rick Perry's brain lock.","url":"/Nightline/video/rick-perry-unspun-14920868","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}