RNC's Balloon Boss

Meet the man who makes sure tens of thousands balloons and pounds of confetti fall perfectly.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for RNC's Balloon Boss
It's a tradition everybody loves that these conventions the big balloon drop who doesn't love balloons ABC's David Wright. Meets the man whose military precision and years of exit experience. Are behind the big balloon for a. It's the crowning moment for every weekend for the nation's highest office the money shot and going to in the town mayor and red -- Pulling it off is this man responsibility. Strip mining is uniquely -- My first job in mind with -- -- and -- Disneyland and I learned but I believe. Really it's a skill he has honed in forty plus years is a balloon that. I can do a thousand homes and our upon myself thought I was very quick and regret it birthday party contentment -- birthday parties and Randall park. He's done every GOP convention it's easy if you only do Republican Convention now I've worked on some -- democratic ones -- -- one and only back 2000. In 1980 for Jimmy Carter they seem to come down one -- one. -- supposed to be a big huge drop in the midst of the -- -- this is the into the convention this is it. Great blew -- and it -- And so we also include a moment and it turned out to be an -- for Jimmy Carter. In 2004 CNN happened to be listening to the audio from the control room. During John Kerry's -- drop. Another failed bursting his bubble what was supposed to be his big night. The Republicans by contrast are good at this stuff. -- -- makes sure of that. In 2004 for George W. Bush he dropped a record 100000. Balloons for years later John McCain double that number. So many balloons -- BC's Andrea Mitchell seem to be drowning. She was in the fighting and -- -- -- just closing up. Himself and they'll be some spot tonight it gets you know an overwhelming amount of -- blizzard of political system. Tonight they were hoping to avoid the avalanche so they scaled back 120000. -- -- so. It was picture perfect. A toast in red white and I'm David Wright for Nightline in ten.

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{"id":17123424,"title":"RNC's Balloon Boss","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the man who makes sure tens of thousands balloons and pounds of confetti fall perfectly.","url":"/Nightline/video/rncs-balloon-boss-17123424","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}