Rod Stewart: All About Him

The crooner sets the record straight on women, rumors and that famous head of hair.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Rod Stewart: All About Him
With that gravel voice that stack a blond hair Rod Stewart has been -- -- out for nearly half a century now selling over a quarter billion albums and singles combined. And a crew that long there's bound to be a few urban miss a few female fans and tonight he -- it all up when ABC's -- -- Rod Stewart is no longer -- young -- but he still sells out shows with his raspy voice just like back in the eighties. The late seventies Disco and who could forget you think I'm sexy. But if you -- as. It's made him one of the best selling musicians an all time. So what's propelled him through find decades of success that. According to Ron he's a man driven by his many obsessions. Take that famous head of care for instance it's your signature. Yes it is it's. As good days and his bad guy he's he's -- -- days -- -- -- for forty years. Did you really. Do it up with sugar water though when your kid. Yeah -- this from the days before him back to -- -- how do you get to spirited religious sugar and war warts and -- in the woods stepped up. -- -- -- I have been -- yet where -- this interview guy. He's pursued ladies obsessively to romancing some of the most beautiful women in the world including bond girls and cover girl what made you so attractive to so many. Of the most beautiful woman in the world. Well it beats me to this -- I must admit maybe it's because rock -- it is. So connected to sex and -- it's it's a position of power its cars. A position he took full advantage of on multiple occasions like when he seduced a Hollywood starlet while dating another supermodel. He comes clean about his obsessive skirt chasing and his intimate new memoir -- the autobiography. None of us have -- a perfect life and it was always going to be points where you have to confess I don't know otherwise. It would be like any book it's been written about me in by strangers. And contrary to popular belief rod never played pro soccer really tried out. He was never grave digger that we work at a cemetery but the biggest misconception is that urban legend about getting his stomach pumped after supposedly -- bodily fluid. I had a very mean spirited. Press. That he was so upset at being tried to decide didn't stop this ridiculous rumor an absolute lie yeah. My kids absolutely bogus relies -- -- it's -- in its wicked wicked thing. Ron pursues everything in life with a singular passion including his fascination for model railroads. He's meticulously recreated a miniature post war New York real -- Are you a man of contradictions or is this all of you. -- a man of contradictions -- are being. How many rock roll stars Colby and Monroe -- I was embarrassed about it the settlement just decided to come clean and what it. I get up to the top of that house here and whole world can go. Itself wanted to better expression. -- -- he is my head. He's wealthy beyond his wildest dreams growing up the son of a plumber in North London he wrote songs about life like losing his virginity to an older -- Portly woman which he embellished into -- man. Now it's 67 rod says he's changed man. Having raised grown kids he's married for the third time to former model Penny Lancaster. Not -- -- honest instances -- Being a few marriages -- -- it's -- can't see myself doing that again until -- -- But it's me it's. Just -- -- -- -- Babies that's all girls and it just about how narrow an -- adamant he would say I'm now family has always been one -- -- biggest obsessions. His youngest two boys are keeping him on his toes. Having babies again your writing songs again one and -- a lucky guy that's for sure I'm juju Chang for Nightline in Beverly --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The crooner sets the record straight on women, rumors and that famous head of hair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17549656","title":"Rod Stewart: All About Him","url":"/Nightline/video/rod-stewart-17549656"}