Romney Sweeps Michigan, Arizona

After a tense battle in his home state, Mitt Romney pulls out a win.
2:45 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Romney Sweeps Michigan, Arizona
That -- you heard earlier tonight. That was the sound of Mitt Romney back sailor. After watching his momentum slam -- Rick Santorum and then -- Over a few of his own gaffes Romney did win primaries in both Arizona and his home state of Michigan tonight but while he is -- few dozen delegates closer to the nomination the Michigan mission costs. Could sting and in the fall if he even gets that far. John Berman explains how and why in tonight's your voice your vote. Michigan leads the state would -- smaller but more importantly it's. Shaped like -- hand in the last few. Weeks that -- and at an unprecedented group on the Republican contest. With candidates traveling from -- a forefinger trying to get a thumbs up. You know that it's over what did we learn let's talk to the -- first blue ring finger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the millions he -- seemed bent. And thank you Michigan lot of land this is a big night thanks -- Michigan where his father was governor anywhere as a teenager he met his wife and apparently. -- with their. But I actually kissed her there and -- -- She was sixteen I was eighteen -- all -- -- The middle finger we won't ship used -- Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum repeatedly showed it to each other. Mitt Romney march santorum's defense of passed senate votes. And he said he he did it to take one for the team lead my team is the people of Michigan of America and I'm -- -- -- Rick Santorum -- Mitt Romney's convictions in its claim that he is resolute. And he doesn't understand the term resolute means. But -- that you're supposed to answer a resolved this -- beliefs. But for Romney a bigger finger problem might be the pinky the one that some rich elitist -- X rays when they drink their tea. This feels good being back at Michigan. It was during this two week fighting Michigan -- described equity giant worth more than 200 million dollars revealed exactly what -- White thrives not one -- and drives a couple of cadillacs actually in when asked if he follows NASCAR. Despite his impressive come from behind victory don't eat your number one. Critics say Mitt Romney might carry will be leaving for the mutant looking out of touch with common in their keeps. The ones Romney will need in -- general election. -- for Rick Santorum. That hand is clearly -- right hand signifying a rightward shift in rhetoric. Including statements attacking John F Kennedy's -- this speech on the separation of church and state air hey -- you read the speech as well. And attacking the president suggesting all kids should go to college president -- -- said the other day that. Every child in America should go to school. -- -- -- Again whether or not you agree with these statements -- the subject matter in the GOP contest. He appears to be turning off some independents. In an ABC news poll out to -- among independents just 32%. -- Santorum favorably 29%. Romney. Four years ago at this time both Barack Obama and John McCain were at -- above 60%. Favorability among independents. Candidates have officers pursued strategies that we distanced them off from independent voters that they're gonna need to get in November against Barack Obama the direction of this campaign has slipped some Republicans wondering if another candidate she did did. They now barely win. Their home state his home state of Michigan and that puts him in a position where they know he's still vulnerable in the primary. But really vulnerable in the general election. Yes -- -- is a week in for Mitt Romney. Victory in the issue being he is sweet but that applause from Republicans you hear might be -- The sound. One hand -- I'm John Berman for Nightline in New York. Thank you John we'll get to the Romney victory party is second let's start with Jonathan -- in Grand Rapids with the Santorum camp would love to pay this loss. As a win but John you were telling me when it comes to the delegate count. That's not just spin. It's not over yet -- clearly Mitt Romney has won the state in terms of the vote. But remembered the delegates are awarded proportionally by congressional district and right now that is too close to call in fact it is possible. -- Santorum could end up with more delegates than. Regardless of that if you were watching the speech here tonight with with the Santorum you would never know -- lost the popular vote here. He talked about this as a victory for him I spoke with him just as he was -- did this a huge win for us we came into Mitt Romney's backyard and we did as well as we did. They're fighting on the next round of states they think will be on their turf. Not on Romney's home to -- next round -- big round Super Tuesday thanks Jon Karl let's go about -- David Muir no -- with the Romney camp a little disappointed. David that you're not at the after party of new Romney surrogate Kid Rock just so we could see the governor. Nixon that crowd but how did they -- -- unfold there. Yet. Couldn't have predicted that right and -- thinking kid rock and Donald Trump on the platform here behind me tonight but governor Romney also thinking the voters here in Michigan because as you know bill. Those morning headlines could have been completely different come tomorrow. But tonight he did eke out a win here in Michigan he said we didn't win by a lot. But a win is a win. This was very important as is his home state and his advisors tell me that when -- -- this conversation back to -- economy. After a week or more of Santorum and social issues they said the only reason they survived here. Is because mommy and climb -- that rabbit hole dug by Santorum. On those social issues but look Super Tuesday is gonna still be a big challenge with conservatives evangelicals and many Tea Party supporters. Who will still come out in force and -- he's been not able to breakthrough -- many of those groups and in addition. To be independents that he needs as well that John Berman pointed out a short time ago -- big challenges ahead with Super Tuesday a week away -- -- an Ohio the biggest prize a week from tonight.

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{"id":15814077,"title":"Romney Sweeps Michigan, Arizona","duration":"2:45","description":"After a tense battle in his home state, Mitt Romney pulls out a win.","url":"/Nightline/video/romney-sweeps-michigan-arizona-15814077","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}