'Roofers' Scale Moscow's Tallest Points

Adrenaline junkies teeter on the edges of buildings without a harness in extreme YouTube trend.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Roofers' Scale Moscow's Tallest Points
It is the extreme version of look ma no hands a dangerous trend where daredevil. Get thrilled by dangling from tall buildings even skyscrapers. With other harness or safety net. It's a viral Cray is not for the faint of heart and we're pleased to welcome for the first time on this broadcast -- ABC news colleague here at broad via. Would this it's. This is called -- climbing trees going viral on YouTube and the guys who do it just might be insane. The concept is simple find -- building a crane anything that's all and climate. But it's what -- -- do with the top that's really crazy hundreds of feet up all without a safety harness. It started in Russia and it's spreading across Eastern Europe. Climbers compete for the most news online each video getting more and more daring. It goes without saying but do not try this at home which -- -- We want to find out just who would enjoy the vertigo inducing effect of dangling off the tall building. Well it turns out these guys. Meet the -- and Yvonne just a couple of young educated office workers with no fear of heights that's -- Hollywood the camera on his head. Walking on the outside of a crane atop the world's tallest bridge about the height of the empire state building's observation deck. No ropes. No helmets and you -- we met them where else on top of what will soon be Moscow's tallest skyscraper. At the top they were like kids in a candy store rushing to take pictures of their feet hanging over the ledge Yvonne says he does this for the thrill of it but also for the. View -- great goals of adrenaline home for us. It's the feeling go. Absolutely freedom. Ask Vitale if he ever gets scared and he has a simple answer -- -- -- -- and what needs I'm not stupid he says you have to be absolutely confident in your capabilities. Roofing has done more and more popular in Russia. Some of the most popular and daring videos belong to this -- Hartsfield and adrenaline junkie. He specializes in stolen -- ice cream. By day he's a computer specialist but the 21 year old has a knack for sneaking past guards. Braving rickety ladders and scaling wobbly antennas. Going where no roofers gone before. -- -- A lot of people think you're crazy. Do you think you're crazy. Political -- what is your mother think about do you say to me that I'm crazy and. -- -- -- So how'd they get up there we decided to follow Morris and Sasha a pair of students who never climb without their cameras. We hiked up a few flights of stairs crawled through an opening and stepped out into the sky. OK it's not the world's tallest building but even here it's clear that Mara was born to climb in my -- but I want to be -- -- The twenty year old is actually studying law instead but he's turned his passion for climbing into art this photo won him a prize and a national competition. It's also won him what many -- -- Things have been so almost all of -- buildings this is a dangerous sport earlier this year one of my arts friends slipped and fell to his death. He was just eighteen years old that's not enough to stop. After that that I. Effective not so door something gray areas. But the danger hasn't stopped hundreds of young Russians from climbing anything they can find. For the adrenaline. For the view for that stunned that we'll get everyone talking. I'm -- -- -- for Nightline in Moscow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Adrenaline junkies teeter on the edges of buildings without a harness in extreme YouTube trend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17092138","title":"'Roofers' Scale Moscow's Tallest Points","url":"/Nightline/video/roofers-scale-moscows-tallest-points-17092138"}