Royal Baby's Luxurious Life

From palaces to horse-drawn carriages, a life of luxury and responsibility awaits the royal heir.
4:14 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby's Luxurious Life
As the little prince lives in the window wing of London's Saint Mary's hospital he has no idea the royal -- that awaits him. As heir to the nearly hundred year old House of Windsor celebrity responsibility. And the privilege of his position. Rodeo royal it's no reality show it may not even seem real but when you're the prince of Cambridge it's your wife. And it includes some pretty spectacular -- first there are the homes. Floral. The newest -- will have access to at least four castles. 121 room apartment at Kensington Palace expected because. And I think looks pretty good about -- -- time since that they thought. If some royal residence thankful for the space outside the god -- -- but -- it but it won't say. By concentric guns and thanks I don't suspect friends -- not that good friends -- in West London Kate has been who enjoys getting into the shop and Kensington high street. Sit before the -- -- on that those that little -- they have the right prize that's how they can we treat it. Then there's -- him. This 775. Room home Queen Elizabeth resides and where you'll eventually live when he takes over -- the road. There's Sandringham is over 5000 trees and went left where the royals traditionally spend Christmas with -- 200 person plus staff. And Balmoral the sprawling 50000 acre Scottish castle -- royals usually summer. The queens and tell -- America I'm Mara prince yet to be named won't have to worry about transport starting early in line with the finest brands in carriages. -- -- -- people that she's forced the trendiest time around distant Thunder Bay youths have messed. They -- -- lots of them on the streets and pending and that the maintenance and put it yummy mummies pushing them at all and say Kate will be joining the Thunder Bay cricket. Clinton when have babies school. -- -- -- -- Compared to what likely comes later. And we're not just talking about horse and carriages. But that fancy sports cars like may be the British made Aston Martin. And then there's the third line to the throne will be stepping out in style will undoubtedly be the most photographed AB order. Photographers tripping over his every food. -- this royal will not just -- local celebrities but Internet email -- Peter in the reserve mold does dad William Orbit. -- or shall we say this game like uncle Harry -- what we're not there yet first DS to become a man. And for that they'll be hell. As every generation of -- has had a nanny -- at least part time. And of course eventually a stab at his disposal including full time security detail. As for schooling. This royal will have access to -- of education. But he's expected to stay close to home until high school just as William did. And then there's the blink. This young royal will one day overseeing wins crown jewels collection -- -- as much as thirty billion dollars with that too comes later. Royal watchers say don't expect -- to be making you wouldn't crusted. Ones this baby's not suggest getting to be trapped in this site design graphic I mean -- -- -- going to be thick crowd at this time defending it. -- access to all this wealth and help. Doesn't mean Kate and William won't be very involved parents overseeing the -- a life of their boy. Yes have been saying -- -- changing your diet promotes it you'll want to be that both evenings to Buffett's job into put his child to bed and to maybe be rid of a story about helicopter pilots. One thing we can probably count on. The baby -- likely inherit a royal passion for animals -- Queen Elizabeth famously loved Serb forces. And -- William -- polo ponies and who -- -- adopted last year expected to be a loyal royal companion to a new baby in months and years to come. Whatever life has in store for this prince. Likely be surrounded by many rooms -- -- top notch staff loads of toys. And some oil --

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{"id":19743365,"title":"Royal Baby's Luxurious Life ","duration":"4:14","description":"From palaces to horse-drawn carriages, a life of luxury and responsibility awaits the royal heir.","url":"/Nightline/video/royal-babys-luxurious-life-19743365","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}