Sandy Puts Nuclear Plants on Alert, Conn. Hit with Storm Surge

Connecticut governor issues "Katrina-like" warning ahead of historic storm.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandy Puts Nuclear Plants on Alert, Conn. Hit with Storm Surge
The super storm battering the East Coast for those of you tuning in expecting C Jimmy Kimmel hear his program will begin in another half an hour. We're bringing you the latest from inside the fearsome storm lashing up and down the Atlantic seaboard tonight. As the storm hit land eight nuclear power facilities students pass the facility used. We're gonna show you and they are they're located in -- -- The Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania all the way through southern New Jersey up to Connecticut will -- -- eight. This Oyster Creek nuclear plant and Toms River New Jersey. Declared an alert when the water rose to more than six feet above normal. At seven feet the plant would lose the ability to cool its spent fuel pool in the normal fashion. The alert is the second lowest level on a four -- emergency scale established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Now none of the other nuclear plants we mentioned have been taken off line due to the storm but the millstone plant in Connecticut did reduce its power output. To -- to 7%. Now we're gonna continue to carefully monitor any developments and speaking of Connecticut. We now turn to ABC's Dan Harris in Stamford Connecticut where a double whammy of a high tide and the powerful storm surge. His causing flood waters to swiftly rise Dan tells was gone. Since the good morning to you wanna start with a rare bit of good news from the storm zone after we had swifter rise in the waters as you said. Things are starting to change -- over my shoulder these houses behind me just a few hours ago the base of these houses. They were being -- the the bases were being gulf by the rising waters now as you can see the waters. Back down to something approaching the normal level. The big question. As we go on the air here is as the waters recede and as the sun comes up -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna find the governor here. Has predicted that that this storm will prove to be that catastrophe that's his word -- catastrophe the likes of which this state has never before seen. He held a rather a news and -- news conference a short while ago. During which he -- what he called a Katrina like warning to the thousands of people in this state. -- he estimates are marooned in their homes with no ways that -- no way of getting out tonight it basically issued -- -- Warnings them saying they should not try to leave on their own and that there's no way the government. Can come rescue them in the middle of the night is essentially told -- just go to the highest point in their home. And try to ride it out but the bottom line here right now the good news that water's receding the big question what will leave behind.

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{"id":17595762,"title":"Sandy Puts Nuclear Plants on Alert, Conn. Hit with Storm Surge","duration":"3:00","description":"Connecticut governor issues \"Katrina-like\" warning ahead of historic storm.","url":"/Nightline/video/sandy-aftermath-connecticut-maine-prepare-worst-17595762","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}