Sandy Aftermath: NYC Hospital Evacuated, Rockaways in Rubble

Reports of hospital patients carried down 18 stories; Breezy Point continues to smolder after fires.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Sandy Aftermath: NYC Hospital Evacuated, Rockaways in Rubble
matters out new york city's major hospitals where evacuations of the sick are currently under way. Cynthia? Good evening, terry. That's right. Well new york began to wobble back to her feet today. The new york stock exchange opened and some buses are running, but I am standing in t of the third major hospital to shut down since the storm. This is the legendary bellevue. Yesterday, when they began the evacuation, there were 725 patients inside. Tonight, there are still about 200 patients inside, along with 200 members of the national guard, who are helping carry them down, sometimes as many as 18 stories. You know, we began the day here but we spent much of it in yet another community where the devastation is still to fully unpacked. A community just outside of new york, the rockaways. This morning, the word went out. Backup generators operating since monday night had failed. National guard troops called in to help carry out hundreds of patients from bellevue, one of the country's busiest. Some patients having to be carried down from as high as the 18th floor. We have not experienced Reporter: Emergency crews have been furiously pumping water out of the hospital's basement, up to eight feet of water. This is the problem, the hospital is flooded. The east river is right here on the other side of this building. This baby was born here a few days ago. What did they tell you? That they had no light and everything is down, just wait and reschedule. Reporter: This afternoon, we made our way to a remote part of new york, across the river in the rockaways. Look. Everybody's been flooded. Hard-hit and isolated by sandy's ferocious triple assault of wind, water and fire. This is where the drain is. Every single home we saw was damaged. 21 of them burned to the ground. It's a landscape peppered with melted cars, scarecases leading nowhere, as residents' possessions were lined up along the sidewalk. Look at this, just house after house, every single house is -- these people's lives have just been turned upside down. One popular local restaurant, the harbor light, reduced to an awning and an american flag. You want to understand how hot that fire was and how quickly it moved? Take a look at this. Brand new. Is everybody okay? Yeah. Reporter: Here, where the manhattan skyline is visible in the distance, we found t residents angry, feeling forgotten. They say that nobody has been here yet to help them. But most we talked to were trying to dig their homes out, neighbor to maybe, piece by piece. This man showed us his home. His furniture floating in his flooded living room. I would say eight to nine feet. This is, right here, where the water line stopped. Right here. It was scary. Reporter: We met a family of three generations, grandpa rudy shows us around the destruction that has befallen their home. Enormous sand dunes have formed in front of their house. We spent our life on that sand over there. Now, we have it here. Reporter: Oh, my lord. And the boardwalk in front of it has been completely heaved up. There used to be 12 feet of sand right over here, leveled. This boardwalk, this boardwalk used to be right here. Swept up over here, the sand, down 118th street, total devastation of these houses. This is yet another community that has suffered terribly. The night of the storm, residents tell us the streets were flooded as fires burned out of control. Never seen anything like it? Never, 16 years on the job. Reporter: It's a tiny area and residents are like family to one another here. Atlantic ocean, jamaica bay is that way, our communities is four blocks away. And typically as a community, were are very close. Reporter: Yet almost everyone in this friendly community chose to stay, despite the warnings to evacuate. We're here for last year's storm, we rode it out and it was a lesson poorly learned. Reporter: You would evacuate next time? Absolutely. Reporter: After the destruction was evident, people once again banded together. I like that everybody's helping. A tribute to a resilient community battered but surely not broken.

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{"id":17613977,"title":"Sandy Aftermath: NYC Hospital Evacuated, Rockaways in Rubble","duration":"3:00","description":"Reports of hospital patients carried down 18 stories; Breezy Point continues to smolder after fires.","url":"/Nightline/video/sandy-aftermath-nyc-hospital-evacuated-rockaways-rubble-17613977","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}