'Saving Mr. Banks': The Making of a Classic

Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Julie Andrews come together to reminisce about "Mary Poppins."
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for 'Saving Mr. Banks': The Making of a Classic
mary poppins is one of the most popular disney movies ever. While it may be easy to watch. It was apparently very, very hard to make. And now for the first time, the back story of this classic is being told in the form of a brand new movie from our parent company, starring the oscar winners tom hanks and emma thompson. Abc's nick watt got to speak to both of them and a surprise guest. Mary poppins is the most award winning disney movie of all time. And it was shot 50 years ago. Can you believe it? You may come in one at a time. Starring julie andrews who never acted in a movie before. And 50 years later she is back. In the very same stage where it all began. It turned out quite well. I would say so. I would say so. Andrews is back for the premiere of "saving mr. Banks" a film about the making of "mary pop pins." . Almost the story of how it didn't happen? Emma thompson, plays the author of the mary poppins book and was all too loathe to give her creation up to celluloid. They do not leave themselves to chirping and prancing. Reporter: Tom hanks is walt does nechlt disney. First time he has been portrayed on film. Reporter: Does neap isney was desperate to bring it to the screen. For two weeks. Sin in the seat of a trickster, fraud, sneak. The office was right here. Saving mr. Banks was shot on the disney lot, barely changes all those years. Being a vicious, nasty, cynical old brit. Even I am getting a little bit wet around the, the, the armpits. Ha-ha. Reporter: The movie made by the company that still bears walt's name. Shot here under the disney brass. Worried that you would screw it up. I was playing somebody that didn't care. A man who had everything. Meeting a woman, tom hanks describes as an old bat. I would be honored if you would take a ride on jingles. Mrs. Disney's favorite horse. No thank you. I'm hap to watch. Walt was confused by it. He was confounded why would any body want to live their life like she does. What has you upset now? Penguins. Penguins have very much upset me mr. Disney. Animated dancing penguins. Why would anybody want to do their chosen life work in, in such a negative negative. Unpleasant. She thought films were rubbish. Hated his movies. Hates americans. Hated america, really, yes. It smells like jazmine. Chlorine and sweat. Pamela traverse, you can't imagine how excited I am to finally meet you. She stonewalled disney for 20 years before finally coming to l.A. To hash it out with him, producer and music man. Robert and richard sherman. No, no, no, no, no. We made it up. Unmake it up. Richard played buy jason schwartzman in the movie, the only one still alive. Spritely 85. She must have hit you look a whirlwind when she came on to the lot? I describe it best as saying, coming out of a wonderful, yummy, warm shower. You feel very good. And happy, and up. And somebody comes in with a bucket of ice cold water and pours it on top of you. You can wait outside. What is wrong with his leg? He got shot. Not surprising. Reporter: We set up a poppins love fest here. Emma, and julie never really met. Richard and tom are fond of each other. Disney magic. Disney magic. Seems like yesterday. What was the food like? Are you still here? Chopped liver over here. Nick, what do you want? To get in on the conversation. Back to the story. How could mary poppins the story come out of the cold heart of traverse? Inside the cold heart is the wounded child. As we see in "saving mr. Banks" her father alcoholic, mother attempted suicide. Julie andrews and richard sherman have now learned her true back story. Today I do have sympathy. But then know. I didn't know anything about that. These are actual recordings of those painstaking sessions the verman brothers sat through with the icy traverse. I his listen to those tape recordings, like poking hot forks into my ears. Reporter: The first pl traverse experience took place the day after she had given birth. The phone rang. I picked it up. Growing she said, this is p.L. Travis. I never met ear anything. I understand you're doing mary poppins. Going to be mary poppins. She said talk to me. I said, I'm exhausted right now. I just gave birth to a baby yesterday. She said, well you are far too pretty. Which you have got the nose for it. Don't slouch. It all worked. Mary poppins has become a time ofless classic. Extremely stubborn and sus pip shus. That came out of this. Mary poppins, prakt skael p-- practically perfect. That's mary poppinite. A lot of people love the movie. Pl traverse, never did. She never warmed to walt? No, she never warmed to walt. I almost started singing "let's go fly a kite." ♪ Oh let's go fly a kite ♪ ♪ let's go fly a kite up to the highest height ♪ disney didn't want traverse at the premiere she came anyway. She went over to his table. A lot of work to be done. He said, pam that ship has sailed. Reporter: Here we are, 50 years later, julie andrews can still say it backwards. ♪ A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ talking about saving mr. Banks a movie about mary poppins and still singing those songs. ♪ Go down ♪ ♪ the medicine go down ♪ ♪ just a spoonful ♪ nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. There you go! Our thanks to nick watt and tom, emma and julie. By the way, saving mr. Banks opens in theaters nationwide on

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{"id":21188931,"title":"'Saving Mr. Banks': The Making of a Classic ","duration":"3:00","description":"Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Julie Andrews come together to reminisce about \"Mary Poppins.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/saving-mr-banks-making-classic-21188931","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}