Into the Oval Office With the Cast of 'Scandal'

"Nightline" goes into the "oval office" with the cast of the political thriller.
3:00 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Into the Oval Office With the Cast of 'Scandal'
From extramarital romance -- cloak and dagger politics there's one image consultant who knows every juicy detail about the secret lives -- Washington DC delete. And she'll stop at nothing to make sure all the dirt stays buried. It's a plot of ABC's hit -- scandal and tonight we've got an all access pass behind the scenes led by none other than -- television precedence. It's a scandalous smash hit a -- melodrama with gas wicked plot twists from a rigged elections to an assassination attempt. Simpson who is on the steamy extramarital affair between the president of the United States and his former advisor -- turned highly paid crisis consultants -- potent. Played by Kerry Washington start digging them written just. Can recycle his followers Tony Goldwyn plays the flawed leader of the free world who took us on a tour of the fake west wing thank -- -- President George Washington over there then so he's watching over me when during all of my. And illicit activities related activities you have to -- a lot of thank you that goes on in hand there is. Don't touch feast with. Viewers are captivated by every delicious John dropping turn of events. Even the cast members can't see what's coming next have you had those reactions when you read a script and you think -- every week every every. It's so ratings bonanza and fans can't get enough for the philandering commander in chief and -- -- the guy has a sex tape. He murders a Supreme Court justice. Hall while carrying on his clandestine opinion. -- -- Olivia Pope -- a problem for him because he's fallen in love with is extraordinary woman. Pennies stung is not his wife right he's trying to find his way toward the lights and the circumstances of his life and the flaws in his character. Leaving the strip. -- first became famous playing the bad guy in -- opposite a twenty something Demi Moore. -- a lot of movies -- -- the bad -- the characters really that right you know or play you play the hero. And you're the good guy you -- brilliant thing about that -- -- boat. There's just all of these areas to explore so it's a dream role. Eight million viewers are glued to the trials and tribulations of -- Libya Pope. Every Thursday night fans dominate Twitter with breathless posts 3000 -- a minute a 190000. Per episode. -- -- -- -- that we have had this kind of grassroots. Explosion and the show is a hit because people love the shallow and by word of mouth spread the word. The high stakes drama is yet another creation from the fertile mind of -- rhymes whose credits include the long running hits Grey's Anatomy. And private practice. It's as a writer is that she's not afraid of that gray area she -- characters that are neither good and -- -- human. Which is honest and. Together they're breaking down barriers and Hollywood Washington is the first African American woman lead in the network TV show in nearly forty years. And yet the intra racial nature of her on screen love affair goes almost entirely on strong. Interest stated sort of living in a world where. My Reese is not a part of who I am. I am interested in living in a world where are -- says no matter what they are don't define our trajectory of life you're on screen chemistry really sparks as well. It just -- This is your real life wife react to the incredibly real chemistry between you and care. Has she hasn't since she shook. No -- and so we're not -- about a mile North America. Are -- doing this for a hard time she's in the business should get -- she's thrilled for the success of the show. -- is also an award winning director of movies like conviction with Hilary Swank. He recently directed his first episode of scandal and we weren't there to tag -- on location scouting trips. And she's looking up at -- I thought I would miss acting when I was just directing and and I didn't is that -- -- I got to play every part. The show biz is in his blood he comes from the venerable Hollywood dynasty. -- -- in metro Goldwyn Mayer. His grandfather one of the founders of MGM worse whole -- for him -- he's the speed -- -- movie -- actor and his campaign you know at a beloved Mitt and directed -- -- scandals at the gold -- the creature of Hollywood is also a policy wonk as -- with a person. -- who we found chatting about foreign policy at the star studded white house correspondents' dinner. Maybe it's a case of life imitating art the fictional president rubbing elbows with real life policy makers. Even -- scandal -- our nation's leaders as deeply flawed. Even Washington insiders are smitten. I'm realizing me nor -- here to Washington. Crazy hours. -- -- -- I am so look.

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{"id":19180829,"title":"Into the Oval Office With the Cast of 'Scandal'","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" goes into the \"oval office\" with the cast of the political thriller.","url":"/Nightline/video/scandal-scenes-abcs-hit-show-19180829","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}