School Bus Hostage: Ala. Gunman Takes Young Boy

Five-year-old was kidnapped off the school bus and held hostage in an underground bunker.
3:00 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Bus Hostage: Ala. Gunman Takes Young Boy
-- high stakes rescue mission is under way police are staking out the underground bunker. Where a six year old boy is being held hostage after being kidnapped on his ride home from school. It was a deadly attack in broad daylight one raising some chilling questions about how safe children really are. On the school bus ABC's Jim Ottawa. Brings us this report. -- -- -- -- That was bad enough and innocent drivers shot to death 66 year old Charles -- It is police rushed towards his school bus in -- -- Alabama they found much worse. -- yeah. This bright yellow rolling sanctuary for a group of elementary school kids have become a horrific crime scene. The -- suspect police would learn had escaped with a six year old boy in his hands. Heading to an underground bunker on his property holding the boy prisoner eight feet below ground in an earthen -- Stock -- supplies that could last weeks. The young witnesses telling authorities it was a raid on their school bus by a mean man determined to take a child hostage. Besides town and he needed a kid because out about the law coming after -- Police sources identified the suspect -- 65 year old Jimmy Lee dykes a man who's been in trouble with the law before. In fact court records show dykes was due in court today on charges he pointed a gun and fired at a neighbor. The boy is on medication. And is said to have special needs -- We have no -- played. That job has been hall. Police have been in contact with the gunman using a PVC pipe to communicate through in late today operate this heartbreaking requests. Right. Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss tells ABC news this could be a slow -- -- we've got Arnold saying two and two used to lay in order to save time the more patient approach they take a less likely they ought to make mistakes. -- moving slowly to get right to communicate properly. And slowly and gently unravel this -- says. Rushing the bunker is the very last resort. Especially in a case -- the hostage taker may have planned the crime in advance. As long as they're talking -- they have some sort of dialogue and he's indicated that he's open to talking. Hounds and you know that there's there's the possibility of educating and come -- and giving the child out safely. A frightening position for any parent to be -- school buses all too often are not the sanctuary there are supposed to be. From bullies on board a junior high bus last June taunting the school bus matron hey Cheryl. There's still this angry parents threatening students he said bullied his daughter and students put in danger by the person assigned to care for them. This driver in all the New York was so intoxicated. The children asked her to stop the bus. -- you're not a hey I know yeah turn turning -- Yeah. It -- I'm not know you yeah yeah. Then there is this investigation done late last year. By our affiliate in Baltimore ABC two catching on tape hundreds of speeding buses others running red lights. We took this video of these tickets we took it to bus stops and showed it to parents as they stood there. With their children -- -- that they were alarmed they couldn't believe that once they put their kids on the bus that these things could happen. It was happening in Cincinnati to -- our affiliate -- a radar gun. It scares me for the -- our children's scary for good reason. Kids are required to Wear seatbelts in most school buses. This Ohio bus -- interior camera captured what can happen in an accident. Seatbelts aren't required because despite these frightening incidents. And this week school bus hostage taking an average of only six students a year die on school buses safer on the bus -- and any parent's car. But little comfort to the parents of the six year old held in a bunker tonight by a deranged gunman who attacked what should be a safe haven. If I were talking to the -- I know you're scared and New York -- and another right now -- feel completely alone and it's almost overwhelming. Someone ask you. To work with us and -- patient patients -- years shield as -- your to be your enemy. Parents who now like police can only be patient and pray. For Nightline -- Jim Avila in Washington.

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{"id":18361715,"title":"School Bus Hostage: Ala. Gunman Takes Young Boy","duration":"3:00","description":"Five-year-old was kidnapped off the school bus and held hostage in an underground bunker.","url":"/Nightline/video/school-bus-hostage-ala-gunman-takes-young-boy-18361715","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}