School Buses Over the Limit

Inside the crackdown on reckless drivers of vehicles with the most precious cargo.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for School Buses Over the Limit
Every morning and every afternoon you trust them with driving your kids to and from school. But now shocking footage shows school busses careening down neighborhood streets even running red lights with a full load of kids on board. ABC's Jim all of brings us this alarming look at the drivers flouting school bus safety. I think it. Parents trust that would precious lives. Our question -- really really -- and everything being so when moms and -- see pictures like this school buses barreling through red lights. And caught hitting speeds twenty miles or more over the limit. It's shocking. They've got a potentially on -- -- fifty lives that you just put in danger. This is Baltimore where our affiliate WM AR ABC to investigated hundreds of speeding and red light camera violations caught on tape. Some of them had kids in the bust as they -- by the cameras others did not. We took this video of these tickets we took it to bus stops and showed it to parents as they stood there. With their children -- -- that they were alarmed they couldn't believe that what they put their kids on the bus that these things could happen. It's not just Baltimore are Cincinnati affiliate bought -- radar gun. They too were shocked at the number of speeding bus drivers all over town. Scares me for the sake our children no wonder it's scary. Kids are required to Wear seatbelts and most school buses. Chris Ohio bus -- interior cameras captured what can happen in an accident. An average of only five students die on board school buses every year safer on the bus than at any parent's car. It's one of the main reasons seatbelts aren't required. We've been able to create the safest vehicle on the road statistics prove that the drivers have to understand they're driving. A large medium to heavy duty vehicle and have to practice defensive guy so we're not happy but I really think this will be an important message to all -- abstract. A message clearly this bus driver in all the New York have not heard she wasn't speeding -- -- students can tell she's been drinking. The onboard camera confirms the kids suspicion the driver is out of control. OK yeah. -- the kids pressed the driver's voice slurs more and more. Yeah yeah hey hey no way you can turn -- turning -- -- yeah. It all I know no. Finally the kids take their safety into their own hands. And escaped through the rear exit. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. It's. Police reports say the driver's blood level. Was nearly double the legal limit. I asked her. You're really not acting normal are you okay and she -- I'm fine and I said it kind of looks like you've been drinking. A frightening ride home kids jeopardized by the bus drivers who take young lives in their care -- -- For Nightline I'm Jim Avila in Washington.

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{"id":17568908,"title":"School Buses Over the Limit","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the crackdown on reckless drivers of vehicles with the most precious cargo.","url":"/Nightline/video/school-buses-limit-17568908","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}