Former Scientology Exec Speaks Out

Debbie Cook claims she was physically mistreated inside the church.
2:28 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Former Scientology Exec Speaks Out
-- the church of Scientology's one of the world's newest religions and growing opening dozens of new churches around the world and making high profile converts in places like Hollywood. But tonight a former Scientology's the insider will allege. That there is much we don't know about this famously powerful wealthy and secretive institution allegations. Of misuse of power. And physical harassment. ABC's Dan Harris brings us an exclusive interview with a woman who was once a high ranking church official in his report Scientology's. An insider speaks. Scientology's. Church known for celebrity. Scientologist secrecy. And controversy. -- the enemy first second and now the latest PR hit involves a former high ranking insider -- getting hooked. Who's being sued by the church and is fighting back by making headline generating allegations in open court. About what she says happened to her behind the scenes in the church of Scientology's. I was put in a trash can. Cold water -- -- me. -- I know it's wrong -- it needs to gets. Expose it needs to get confronted needs to get handled it it can go online it's become in some sense the -- -- life. Yes. The fight of her life because she's going toe to toe with the church she says she still loves. One that was she claims her salvation. Cook was fourteen when she found Scientology's. A religion established in the 1950s by -- science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Betty -- still firmly believed in Scientology's dead at age seventeen. She went to work full time for the church and joining their religious order called -- -- Heroes all the way up to the rank of captain at the -- -- so called flag base in Clearwater Florida welcome. -- -- -- -- But in around -- 2005. -- says she started to see high level members of the church behave in ways she found deeply disturbing. It began she told us when she was asked to start working more closely with the leader of the church -- in -- cabbage. One quality that is always set us apart is that we are unselfish. Yes we have an utter monopoly unworkable solutions. But we share those solutions with anyone who. -- for that ms. -- who has led the church since L Ron Hubbard's death in 1986. Is famously close with the world's best known Scientologist. Tom Cruise. The most dedicated Scientologist. -- -- A more confident -- more intelligent and more tolerant more compassionate beings we are lucky to have you thank you. But Debbie cook has testified in court that she. He's done this added punch at fellow Scientology's executive. If such in the face yes. I've never seen anything like this before. -- and you had no inkling that it was even possible. Never never conceived of about I mean I've been in Scientology's since I was fourteen years old I was on staff since I was seventeen. At that point it had been more than 25 years being there I've never seen anything like that it was inconceivable. -- she says mr. Davidge neighbor hit her he did testified that he ordered his secretary to Houston and she did. That she did it very hard -- hard enough they fell down yes. What -- -- it is you know he was displeased about how I was answering a question wasn't what I wanted to hear and in some way. Do you feel like you could retaliate -- absolutely you. -- that -- not able to retaliate and listen to what she says ms. -- told his assistant to do on another occasion he told her -- grabbed my finger and -- break it if I don't answer the questions that she grabbed my finger and bent it back and you know my initial answer was a good enough -- she. You know -- -- -- little bit more and she -- she never did break it but. If that happened did you ever think yourself. -- in and around church. No I never had that -- but I was in the wrong church I think that somebody else was in the -- church. Where someone -- -- in the wrong place that should say. This doesn't belong in church at all. In repeated letters to ABC news science biology officials have denied that David -- cabbage -- -- cook to be slapped or -- however finger bent back. Or that he punched a fellow executive. In fact the church sent us a letter signed by the executive in question in which he said this alleged incident did not occur and I would remember it if it hat. But cook is not backing down you stand by what -- said. I absolutely do in her testimony she goes even further. Alleging that in June of 2007. While she was working at the Scientology's international base in Southern California. She was suddenly and physically removed from an office. By two large men while she was on the phone with David -- damage. He was. Asking me about -- Various projects. And was unhappy that. Things had not gotten done to his satisfaction. And then soon after that. Though window was pried open these two guys came through the window. And mr. misguided pass me on the phone are they there I said yes he said goodbye. And then I was physically taken off with these two guys. To the whole. The whole according to -- testimony it was located here. And a pair of double wide trailers on the international base. In when I was there it had to bars on the windows and security guards posted at one. Door for entering -- -- sitting what do you have to do in order to be sent to the whole. You have to really. Have caused what mr. -- damaged considered to be you know. Harm -- war you know you you've really done enough bad that. Your being with sort of quarantined in the whole. In when -- in their annual leave now you -- what would happen if you Tripoli he -- he's currently there's. Guards at the door.

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{"id":15822467,"title":"Former Scientology Exec Speaks Out","duration":"2:28","description":"Debbie Cook claims she was physically mistreated inside the church.","url":"/Nightline/video/scientology-exec-speaks-15822467","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}