In Search of the Perfect British Pub

Julie Foudy goes in search of the right place for a pint at the London Olympics.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for In Search of the Perfect British Pub
-- we go now the London will mine and the Bill Weir has been bringing us the Olympic results each night -- bill where are -- tonight. Cynthia greetings once again we're along the -- this evening party -- on on. Right next to -- gorges. Tower bridge and another dramatic day. Inside the Olympic Stadium on the track it was all about passing the baton -- sprint and Allison Felix. And -- best sprinters in America set a new world record to be jamaicans and -- gold in the four by 100 relay. But on the men's side in the four by 400. A big upset look -- the US they had it in the anchor leg. But -- bahama team came up to win their first ever gold medal dream team -- twelve dispatches Argentina to move into the gold medal final game against Spain. And on the medal board America. Early on top both widening their lead in total medals and golds. Over China now probably be most. Passionate events here in London is the sixteen ounce curls. This is appalled town and our special correspondent -- about -- is doing her journalistic duty. -- in search of the perfect. After fourteen days of covering the Olympics I'm ready for one game quick search of the perfect you know artists. But not just any will do you look like a man who would know where the perfect confidence. Hundreds of things and I just want them happy about it turns out even in the town of hundreds maybe thousands of -- The perfect one is getting harder to fine and he's in a perfect. Still searching. Robin turner and Paul moody have tried to these two -- set out on a journey across England for their book with the rather fitting title. How long would it take to visit every public in Great Britain. Everything that was the black. We -- you know. Fine. But client basically think -- plans in home you. -- but there's another number that's even more startling. The guys say on average every week twelve miles close in the UK the proof is in the photographs of the dead and detained. -- -- -- -- -- The guys blame everything from smoking audience to the rising cost of a pint there's even some finger pointing at the Olympic Games were tiny -- -- -- -- is the official -- There's no local distinctive -- there's -- uniqueness Robin and policy this is their perfect the French house in -- The basic things that make Republican -- quickly and the people at -- assignment this room and it was the secret meeting place of the French resistance during World War II hundred MS -- -- in the land lady here for 23 years and has a history as well. Oh yes she used to perform with snakes. They say he sang in the let's get -- everything's -- -- They don't know but back on the streets of London I'm losing my battle. And a lot of fun -- have -- Intel -- wander into this place and find the key to making any -- perfect. We're the penalty gave -- I -- -- -- dog food but it could just everything off old friends. In London. I'm Julie -- for Nightline. Enough anybody in the ABC standards and practices department asked that was a near Guinness. Cynthia. -- -- back stateside next week.

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{"id":16982904,"title":"In Search of the Perfect British Pub","duration":"3:00","description":"Julie Foudy goes in search of the right place for a pint at the London Olympics.","url":"/Nightline/video/search-perfect-british-pub-16982904","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}