Secret Facebook Millionaire

David Choe, the $200 million mural artist, tags the town with Barbara Walters.
6:05 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Secret Facebook Millionaire
Last week FaceBook electrified Wall Street and investors everywhere by announcing it would for the first time sell stock in the company to the public and instantly. The company was valued at more than 75 billion dollar shattering records overnight. Thousands of millionaires and billionaires were born employees executives. Venture capitalists. And then there's the most unlikely and colorful FaceBook tycoon of them all my colleague Barbara Walters got an exclusive interview with them Barbara tells all. Wow okay Terry his name is David -- is the 35 year old son of Korean immigrants. Today is fairly successful but in the early days of FaceBook he wasn't well known. When he was shot to paint murals on their office walls -- -- -- what they could be paid 60000 dollars instead is said. I'm again. Give me stock which today turns out to be with. At least 200 million dollars but guess what Jerry Yang isn't very happy let me tell you more. -- can self described. Knox who don't. A graffiti artist painting everything from Pickens to cost you hundreds of war. Even -- -- How much and I weren't priceless. Yeah yeah yeah. Together we did this masterpiece dollar and try -- -- is with Tamoxifen there. It is the -- those -- -- and they officers took place but -- 2005. But it may show up for you -- man. And splashed his place on the front page of the New York Times. Which -- him how did you feel when you heard the news that you might be worth an estimated. 200. Million dollars. That's how did I feel about the rest of the world -- which I hated you know I was at home and I was in bed and I got a text message. And it was a woman I haven't spoken to a five years and -- Offered me oral sex every day for the rest my life. For two million dollars just out of the blue I'm sitting there and she's like are wolves do this for you I don't want -- ring an ordinary and it was just. Out of nowhere and I was like what the hell's happening. The thing is David that most people would be around. 200 million dollars -- you. It's costing you paying. I cannot buy my privacy -- every news Al-Jazeera every news organization in the world is. Beating down the door trying to get you know interview and I'm Mike. My -- -- you kept up the stock I -- these Olson. I sold song awhile back the estimate was 200 million I think it's more than that actually. Back in 2005. News based company cal once called ridiculous. Had propositioned me -- hot. Her at that time -- -- president to finish things came to you and -- David. We've got these laws. What you're -- stimulus for us right can you describe them heroes. I love women there was lots of women. -- escapes just abstract forms and just. I just. I paid very quickly. And it just it almost comes out and you like it's almost my therapy. The heroes took one month -- -- captured for a documentary in 2005. But initially offer wasn't happy. And called the -- schizophrenic -- distract. -- -- And I wondered -- anyone can work it into the that it won't want we want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take heart goes into walls out an initiative to every single Pittsburgh -- -- so there we have. Back then no one knew how successful FaceBook might become so when it came time to pay -- Parker gave -- a choice you're offered money market that you didn't have a lot and Iraq and how much. It was close I think close to 60000. And instead taking the 60000 dollars -- really -- for you said. Give -- stock. Thank you want the -- you once again there's a Celtic this you know -- get up to the shares why. I -- to -- to party or to Campbell. Not bad thing I missed it who has done jail time for cashing forged checks still new. -- in Japan and hitting a security time and landing in prison. But even -- couldn't stop his creative impulses you had a pencil. And -- to paint -- -- to paint. I would use the soy sauce and I'm like. You know I don't -- -- be gross but I would use urine and blood and all these things and anything that would create any kind of pigment and it was just. It was the only thing that that let me keep my sanity. Despite his -- -- considers himself homeless spending much of his time in hotels in Las Vegas casinos but the question every woman wants to know. Is what will this -- do not put down those. Millions it's gonna -- horrible for me to say money is meaningless but. Everyone's like what you -- and do now ineligible this money and freedom I did everything I want -- to when I had nothing everyone's like -- what are you gonna do now like I'm still gonna do whatever -- want that -- More people is gonna bother don't feel sorry for me this is like. Good god like amount of money market actually change the world and do things to help humanity. Good things as an artist you know I often wonder what my -- -- or why do what I do so those things well. Hopefully come into more clarity. Ironically the once struggling artist -- said he didn't believe in the company now maintains a bad active. FaceBook page.

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{"id":15552877,"title":"Secret Facebook Millionaire","duration":"6:05","description":"David Choe, the $200 million mural artist, tags the town with Barbara Walters.","url":"/Nightline/video/secret-facebook-millionaire-15552877","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}