Who Secretly Recorded Romney?

Camera by serving table at fundraiser caught Mitt calling Obama voters 'victims.'
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for Who Secretly Recorded Romney?
A political firestorm rages on tonight over those. Secretly recorded tape where Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney -- making controversial off the cuff remarks. About nearly half of American voters while the debate swirls. While Romney believed he was speaking privately to his wealthy supporters someone in that room had secretly pushed the record button. But -- was it and why -- she's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross been searching for the answer. The setting was this mansion in Boca Raton -- home of a long -- supporter and friend of the Republican candidate for president. Multi millionaire investor mark leader known as a private equity party boy in the gossip pages it was may seventeenth. Reporters were told the event will be closed to the -- his imagine any -- fundraisers. The dinner was lavishly catered and supposed to be private limited to those who paid 50000 dollars each here and -- with Mitt Romney. But someone placed a camera in the room. Secretly recording former governor Romney from what appears to be -- -- -- for the -- And later provided the tape to Mother Jones Magazine which would not disclose the identity of the photography. It did not come from opposition researchers are political campaign occasionally the camera angle is adjusted. -- -- -- moved out of the way at one point a waitress gives the bartender and order. A the camera rolled for 49 and a half minutes Romney delivered the candid remarks -- four months later would make headlines. -- including the dismissal of the 47%. Who support President Obama in response to a question from the audience. Upon. -- We believe the government has responsibility here that we believe there title. -- -- -- -- And it'll. President. A joke. That he would have a better chance of winning if his father had been Mexican. -- -- -- -- And then an insight into his wife and the Romney campaign spent. Today Romney went on Fox News to talk about what the network called -- dust well. We're of course talking about a campaign and how. He's gonna get close to half the vote -- -- to get half the vote approximately I hope the secret Romney tapes became the top story of the day now Republicans and Democrats. Are debating the fallout from the tapes -- a huge distraction for the Republicans and the coup for the Democrats. And the back story of how and -- the tapes are made and then work their way through the media provides a rare look and an increasingly common political tactic I. I think one of the most influential all important developments in campaigns over the last ten years is the viral video that catches a candidate again in these unscripted moments. The Romney tapes were first posted on line on YouTube on May 31. Two weeks after the speech by a new user with the account run the expo news. Democratic Party operatives began to take notice in August including those who work in Washington at this research center -- war room. And monitor virtually every word Romney or his running mate Paul Ryan say looking for a possible slipped. Just needs to be uploaded to YouTube. One person sees it from just before five other people it's weeded out and the next thing you know you've got millions of people saying that's. But then -- in August Mother Jones Magazine was put in touch with the person. Who actually recorded the video -- -- contact made by the grandson of former president Jimmy Carter he told MSNBC today. The source of the -- it was not one of the donors who gave 50000 dollars. I think it's probably fair to send. It was the editors of mother Jones who spotted the now infamous 47%. That it previously gone unknown. Yeah. -- -- -- The possibility here. Once we had the full tape which was several weeks ago. It jumped out at us immediately governor -- is hardly the first politician stepped up by remarks not intended to keep up. Republicans scored a similar -- four years ago when the blogger caught candidate Barack Obama on tape and a private fund raising event. Talking about the members of the conservative. The thing that candidates have to worry about is that. You know every every event that there rat there's no such thing as off the record anymore. These are moments that campaigns you know live for certainly in this instance. Mitt Romney provided by Democrats win eight gold mine rhetoric. Under Florida law it is a crime a felony to secretly record someone who has a reasonable expectation that there -- not being recorded. But many say anyone running for president should always expect that they may be recorded someone somehow.

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{"id":17268391,"title":"Who Secretly Recorded Romney?","duration":"3:00","description":"Camera by serving table at fundraiser caught Mitt calling Obama voters 'victims.'","url":"/Nightline/video/secretly-recorded-romney-17268391","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}