Better Sex Through Yoga

A new book says it can improve your sex life. Does science agree?
3:26 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Better Sex Through Yoga
The market for drugs to fix erect tile dysfunction has passed five billion dollars a year and the market for yoga lessons and product has also passed five billion dollars a year. Coincidence. Or -- -- kind of overlap here for ABC's Dan Harris better sex through yoga. Tonight senator John. The latest -- for improving your love life doesn't involve us like how to guide its yoga that we can do it. We have may have believed he could do it. Marco yoga instructor at here -- in Manhattan teaches news -- specific poses like cobra that he believes will boost their erotic energy. -- He's one of the ways that you. Get the word out about your class is to say to people come -- my class your sex life will be better they have need every left and David. Dates have reason sagging practicing -- my six to lie times in crew will assassin. -- plans. That Clinton has improved. -- -- She says that's not like he comes here but it hasn't room. William Broad as science writer for the New York Times spent years combing through the literature. I can site you this study after study after study and we can go through hormones brain waves. The journal blood flow. According to a new book called the science of -- there is real evidence that yoga can in fact do the trick. For example -- cobra has been found to boost blood flow to the pelvis so instead Viagra somebody could do cobra guys get me. Get me to yoga studio and the benefits aren't just for men this has become an industry. Green checking your partner Peter. And it's. Better sex through yoga 33 part dvd series you know beginner intermediate advanced. What's on that advances the dvd I'm sorry not not on a family show okay. He says yoga actually started in medieval India as a sex -- he does point out though that. As seen in sex in the city where cement that -- a guy in yoga class. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the root of that now famous term -- -- as them. Can get in the states where you are -- without touching yourself without doing anything other than just think in popular world it's called. Thinking -- Yeah. Marcos says he seen something close to that right in his studio I have. Seen. Some of my students in getting to levels of pressure. I mean like having an organ -- almost ideal gas. -- -- get at a senior class yes. Have you ever experienced it -- myself. I'm not going to these costs sexually. Now you're -- you're gonna clam up when. -- and I am. In top -- This crane posed Casanova. -- blocking stretching advertisement for one of youngest and oldest lift up at a high here and now apparently scientifically proven benefits for Nightline this is Dan Harris. In New York.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"A new book says it can improve your sex life. Does science agree? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15552958","title":"Better Sex Through Yoga","url":"/Nightline/video/sex-yoga-15552958"}