Hacking Victim Becomes Web Sex Star

Angie Varona's private photos were hacked years ago, but consequences linger.
6:46 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Hacking Victim Becomes Web Sex Star
A youthful indiscretions involving the modern phenomenon known as sex -- According to the national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy one in every five teenage girls has sent nude or semi nude images of herself. Or posted them online. In the case of a fourteen year old -- about to meet those images spread far beyond their intended audience here's my co anchor Terry Moran. When you meet and -- Verona you. Can't help but notice your smile wherever she goes. -- he's one of those kids -- just always seems to be smiling. Even as we ask her about pictures that changed her life you're famous. I wouldn't think -- think -- morning in. Make. -- -- and get rid of Obama a good kid a great future you'd hope. But what happened to this Miami -- four years ago nearly destroyed her. Girls are really cruel that endorsing Obama to become a porn stars and -- -- I'm so just not renewing -- and they don't want this that ever happened annual. What happened to -- Verona is every parents nightmare in the digital age. Cautionary tale for our time and she was fourteen she had a boyfriend her first -- like so many teens and young people today she took some racy pictures of herself. So here -- -- a few photographs of a fourteen year old girl in bra and panties taken for her first boyfriend. Knowing everything that -- think these -- -- and it's -- and about a minute and it is the -- self. Yes and -- pictures ended up all over the Internet all over including some of this busiest had a -- corners of the web. Those defensive. They have pesos and -- campaigns happening -- -- Google search and his name and you get more than 600000. Results more than 55000. Images all -- against her will. All of it beyond her or -- power to stop. -- -- -- she stored her pictures online on a website called photo bucket she used a password to protect them to make sure no one but her boyfriend could see them. But like a lot of other girls who do the same thing. She got -- Do you regret taking -- pictures. -- -- -- You do -- -- vikings and -- of this in cement and stayed off and that's it off my phone and on news -- -- -- Angie is not alone a recent survey suggest one in five teen girls has electronically sent or posted online nude. Or semi nude images of themselves. I know people who still somehow -- -- And after nearly everything that's -- -- me they still say -- -- -- happens in -- and I happened to rule. And -- pictures went viral she's been stalked. Her home and daily whereabouts discussed and posted on board web site and had a final chat rooms. And the discussions include rape fantasies and -- six scenarios. And -- father Juan has lived this nightmare to. How did -- feel that your daughter was essentially being traded these porn sites for petrified. It's frightening we're wary you know we're vigilance or if the police. -- working with us have -- -- worried about her physical safety. Go crazy if I concentrated on the bureau's -- have -- -- It was all too much the family called the police even the FBI but there was little they could do the victors were not technically obscene. Because NG was not -- -- income. Angie tried to fight her tormentors online which only made things worse. The kids at school as you might expect were merciless. As us. Out how people don't know the story and -- -- so quick entrance. And calming me. It's almost today -- the name -- is our hardest to get over. And still does it mean girls through them and send the -- -- showed its in nineteen truth up up and up transmit from a school. And he moved schools twice and she has now chosen to home school her final months of high school. She tried to run away she started using drugs -- what about killing herself. I went through a lot of issues. I had them my pants. Boy inside go crazy and then when there wasn't their fault and then -- -- And I mean them. -- -- you might not CNN London and him both there are living hanging on by anyone. Is Laurie Riordan. And it -- to get out. -- -- good parents and animals that. At stake everything on -- -- and feel good about myself. Were you ever afraid you might lose her. Yes and. That's it there was a bad time. As parents I think he never do you should never give up when your children. Could you don't know. What tortures. They're going whom internally. -- -- -- -- thinking didn't NG bring this on herself some of her critics online even say it's all a publicity stunt. They think and in -- some therapists to get the -- And the -- Nady but and I've been through this -- do anything having to be famous. What do you say to people who say. That you are partly to blame and it. I am I took the picture is -- and no way I hold myself responsible. Which can. And it's -- too because it could've all been prevented but when they -- parts of name my. -- and she's had a chance to think about why she and so many other girls in our society. Feel pressured to do business. And it's hard for -- teenage girls now. So much pressure on us to feel beautiful ought to be accepted frozen in -- doesn't feel alone today and he is living at home with -- and Maria and she's still with that first boyfriend consider pictures to four years ago. That they broke up during all the craziness. -- they all somehow seems stronger. And and he's got something to say to all that creeps out there who exploited and tormented her for years. Some of them are probably watch. What would you say -- They need to get their life. Opt in in -- and answers make three leaving Gaza more than just say -- the press and -- -- well. One girl's journey through the digital -- And now smiling. And you Verona is taking her life.

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{"id":14920870,"title":"Hacking Victim Becomes Web Sex Star ","duration":"6:46","description":"Angie Varona's private photos were hacked years ago, but consequences linger.","url":"/Nightline/video/sexting-turned-teen-web-sex-star-14920870","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}