Mom Lets Tween Wear Victoria's Secret

One mommy blogger who lets her tween wear Victoria's Secret is causing a stir.
5:42 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Mom Lets Tween Wear Victoria's Secret
We explore the slippery slope of Hoover's sexual lies marketing. We -- -- the coveted demo for advertisers is eighteen to 49. But in a world where sex sells teens and even betweens are often buying. Girls barely out of middle school are wearing lingerie meant for the steam -- of adult romantic occasions. But is -- -- wrong with the -- dressing like a grown up. ABC's Abbie Boudreau finds out it's. Victoria's Secret is known for its sexy lingerie. Prominently displayed by gorgeous models. But more and more the seductive underwear brand is appealing to a younger demographic. Tween sensation Justin Bieber -- the catwalk at a recent Victoria's Secret. Fashion show. This whale has the latest live there there -- often inventory secret girl from the pink collection -- -- toward -- -- is fourteen years old your typical young teen. Her room piled high with colorful clothes her wall posters of pretty models. And she owns more Victoria's Secret lingerie then her mother. I own about twenty -- surprised -- the last time shopping inventory seekers yesterday. Does -- a year ago you know I was going in just to pick -- -- -- for myself and she was with me and didn't she just kind of guy. Hooked on confident that pulled the product up front -- -- -- department. The Victoria's Secret -- introduced in 2004. Is designed to appeal to college students with -- suggestive logos. And brightly colored bras and underwear. But -- mom thinks her young teen is ready. She's getting to -- age where she needs to be starting to Wear bras so it's like the one not a fun Roland vs Canada is the plane always went -- is getting it. You know just the department stores. It is relying too sexy for tween with lacy trim in leopard print stamps that read wild I dare you. Too much fun -- says she loves the way the launch of -- makes her feel. Pink is kind of a little bit more. Additional -- flirty. Almost -- -- and then he. Older ones are more lecture. Her dad -- -- as excited. Being old fashioned type of father. Was very -- not pleased when my daughter son becoming home with Victoria's Secret -- and I always. Actually asked my wife. My shopping at Victoria's Secret but I thirteen year old daughter she's a little young for that is -- -- But it's young girls like Gabby that retailers are banking on between market is worth more than 150 billion dollars to retailers. Marketing experts say retailers -- target to eighteen to twenty toll roads are really hoping young teens like Abby are paying attention -- I don't think any marketers would actually come out and admit that that's what they're doing. But clearly it seems to be -- thing that's happening with. Products that are designed for younger and younger girls used the purple home. Where. Gabby and her thirteen year old friend Rihanna say lots of girls -- their schooler sporting the line. If you go to the hallways. Whether -- -- high schooler. Or it's and girl on our greed sometimes it's -- seventh graders are -- -- -- The Limited Brands owns Victoria's Secret. It's CFO spoke about the company's strategy at a recent conference when somebody's fifteen or sixteen years old. What -- they want to -- They want to be older and they want to be cool like the girl in college and that's part of the magic of what we do -- pink. And this spring break -- slogan bright young things leads many to wonder are they targeting younger crowds. These children want to be cruel and and I think there's something really exciting about when they hit that thirteen fourteen. Age group and they're anxious to become DC -- Abbey's mom is one of many parents grappling with the debate. -- Jenny Ericsson caused a stir with moms online. When she said she would take her tween to Victoria's Secret to shop. Normal -- -- that ugly underwear she says she's excited to bring her tween daughter to Victoria's Secret to shop the pink collection. Even if it's meant for college age girls. I don't think there's nothing wrong with having. Keep panties and bras from the big girl store her daughter Hannah is a nine year old fashion he -- in the making. Can it clean your mom -- go hand. A bigger -- and -- not. Vote. -- mother says Victoria's Secret is that girl's rite of passage seen half naked women in -- and heading outside -- the bus he it's part of our culture. As her daddy's parents if you're trying to let their daughter -- stepped into adulthood without crossing the line. I think this space needs to be treated as its own thing very carefully as opposed to just allowing. Think he's thirteen fourteen year -- to gravitate out to college age. -- when it really should be tailored for them so that their self image can be. I'm nurtured and protected. For now -- mom and especially her dad are making sure of that -- here if you look anywhere throughout this stuff -- This is an example of what you could not -- and getting fashion advice not from models but from someone she trusts. For Nightline I'm -- Boudreau ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":18768998,"title":"Mom Lets Tween Wear Victoria's Secret","duration":"5:42","description":"One mommy blogger who lets her tween wear Victoria's Secret is causing a stir.","url":"/Nightline/video/sexy-tweens-victoria-secret-18768998","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}