Shaolin Monks: Jedi Knight of Buddhism

For 15 centuries, these Chinese monks use martial arts to find enlightment.
3:00 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Shaolin Monks: Jedi Knight of Buddhism
They are the original Kung Fu masters who inspired Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee and a certain animated movie panda. But the real crouching tigers don't just fight. We've got amazing ability to heal as ABC's David Wright discovered when he traveled to China's remote. Shao Lin monastery. And they are the -- nine nights of buddhism. Quiet composed. -- that on the exterior. It's awkward dazzling skill and power. For fifteenth centuries the -- in monks have used the discipline of martial arts as a pathway to enlightenment. Focusing the mind like training the body to do the impossible. Now limbs. It's crouching tiger hidden drag -- through -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The real come -- mastery channel in its rate at a central casting. But not a little group. -- the end as a professional athletes. Mickael Pietrus French player in the NBA. Here show him for an on north and a round of sports therapy. -- -- -- -- On to humans -- duty -- must have better as march in the game against the Toronto Raptors Petrie is badly sprained his right -- I was -- who broke somebody sent. And then when -- benefits and being read on my -- start to go back to. Bryant's knee surgery in France still didn't resolve the problem. So with the NBA lockout looming he decided to take advantage of the extended offseason to come here. For three weeks and essentially live like -- shall live month -- admits he was skeptical when his friends -- suggested the idea. To be honest -- to starting -- -- was. On -- on dvds -- fu movies on fu movies. Question grossly. -- But when you are to be leaving -- -- -- news PRD goes to -- -- to be known views. You make you realize that basketball and a two hour practice. He's wearing nothing. Anyone who grew up watching the old -- food TV series. In that glass -- Which is just -- the chance to become grasshopper. Even for just a few days how is if you hit east. How is it that you. It's kinda hard to pass up. It turns out the -- food lifestyle is even harder than it books won't -- even the most basic moves were a struggle well. But with the help of good teachers and lots of practice we were able to shows summer I think -- we've got -- -- -- -- -- After fifteen centuries of extreme -- through. -- -- have lots of experience treating injuries Michael -- -- doctor prescribed a regiment of massage and Chinese herbs. And who acupuncture. Must be every time -- -- -- -- -- when you there's here because these guys don't just. -- with the new world have the confidence that comes with experience with. As I've found that myself anyone who tells you acupuncture is painless. Is line. -- -- Michael also got lots of zen Buddhist advice on how to approach sports and competition. One zen master advised him to sit quietly cross legged for two hours a day. There has the -- -- in this you're going. Under present now hundred. But I guarantee you that I would have a good excuse. To say thank you Michael and his group agreed to visit the larger shall live schools here. -- twelve. Thousand students who surrounded him. Clearly the students. Well above our level. For the sake you honor we nominated -- champion mark come -- class but you're nervous and terrified. C a big decades. To -- with the school June. Afterwards. Contest in which we had home court advantage. -- stuff from. An exhibition. Good natured game in which Michael showed -- -- Harlem Globetrotters moves you know the guys fought back with Jackie Chan. Even against an NBA player -- -- came to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Killer combination. In particular community both shall live in the sports read -- a lot to be said for -- a lot of these things these -- to him. Even though it's a world away. And -- I'm David Wright -- night to -- Lin monastery. Which.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"For 15 centuries, these Chinese monks use martial arts to find enlightment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15126780","title":"Shaolin Monks: Jedi Knight of Buddhism","url":"/Nightline/video/shaolin-monks-jedi-knight-buddhism-15126780"}