Bikini Girls and Great Whites

In a bold experiment, scientists set out to prove that sharks are not terrors.
5:39 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Bikini Girls and Great Whites
Great white sharks they're very appearance inspires terror rows of triangular teeth hollows eyes like a doll's eyes torpedoes snouts. With a special taste for bikinis Hollywood would have us believe. But like -- bill -- traveled to shark territory and found a man on a mission to bring scientific method to answer the question. -- people swim with these missions. Girl -- -- -- -- Sure. But the only thing missing here are two notes on -- -- That ominous iconic indication that Joseph -- is about to turn the water blood red and but those are not actresses and those sharks are not mechanical. They're part of a -- -- to prove that almost everything Spielberg and shark week August -- Is wrong. Not. -- -- -- But if the science behind this idea is wrong his reputation could end up more shredded -- it's me with -- -- shark attack. Yeah isn't -- -- -- that. -- -- -- -- There's a pillar here he is marine biologist doctor -- Johnson about the only animals spend more time cruising crystalline waters of muscle play. Of the great whites that thrive in this part of South Africa. It's making it his life's work to demystify these monsters he's gone diving with them countless. -- Confused quite meters to -- string -- -- and to end of that experiment that. And even developed silicon -- seals to study the way great white's -- their favorite -- in this part of the world. In fact this experiment was almost too successful the sharks still convinced -- global seals authenticity. -- -- -- -- -- But not before Ryan made a breakthrough discovery. -- sharks don't hunt at night the great -- muscle they taught themselves to use the ambient light from the shore. To grab seals in the pitch blackness. And with thermal cameras captured the first recorded instance of a -- It's just -- on seven tweak it or not I couldn't even see the preachers -- black just hit. He -- an incredible. But of course these animals also enjoy snacking in the sunshine this is -- -- -- so Ryan give us little lesson on how to meet my first great white. It involves -- charming. And then dangled the -- of tuna. That -- get chills. We've only been out here about fifteen minutes and looks like it's gotta be about a ten -- fifteen foot great white. -- instance low predatory move -- Who didn't even though we're not cage diving like two -- nearby. This sort of baiting has its hazards. -- had a that name the bite mark that -- abundant at that happened about two weeks again agree to that other thing we did have a really freak accident. Three months -- only -- actually jumped onto the -- That -- -- unedited first start at. I'm so used officiating -- him the ticket. Nasser. Ackerman amateur record crimson of them but the next time around now I'm ready. -- -- -- -- -- fool me once. Which carefully twice. Sharks of the world. Let that first -- get -- get a free meal would never again. Oh here comes that got. Everybody out most of these sharks live most of the year within a half mile of one of the most popular. -- Africa yet there hasn't been an attack on humans over twenty years. Thoughts Bryant is convinced that sharks are not the mindless -- -- machines think there. So concludes is conducting taped and live experiments. To see just how attractive they are to white flash. Human bodily fluids. And the Chinese goods jewelry. Two questions leapt to mind. First -- to get the girls in the bikinis to agree. And then -- to get the sharks around them. Yeah -- around -- are well actually we did jump -- expands we put that in the water because what we've learned very quickly is that. Jocks and here he really. How we -- you know from detaining. District -- But that doesn't mean his so called -- and angels and didn't have their moments ago. Get this big shock that demonstrate do. I've seen it and its -- blasphemy. -- You know people who go look at that thing that is suicidal. But an excellent. Column that's what's important about -- show one shot and live -- -- and a live show and with that it seemed to have anything. This is an excellent. Peruvian law. -- -- -- -- After an entire morning actually started. Instead of -- the -- flesh tearing monsters he's incredible animals -- -- Even discerning how they approached even so. We'll stay in the boat. Just in case.

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{"id":15022065,"title":"Bikini Girls and Great Whites","duration":"5:39","description":"In a bold experiment, scientists set out to prove that sharks are not terrors.","url":"/Nightline/video/sharks-bikini-experiment-science-discovery-15022065","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}