Shopping Wars: Surviving Buying Blitz

A "Nightline" guide to shopping smart and finding the best deals with your phone
3:00 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shopping Wars: Surviving Buying Blitz
-- -- of those seasonal struggle. The shopping wars there are only sixteen days till the clock strikes Christmas and stores are finding over every since you have to spend. For some retailers the holiday season represent up to 40%. Of annual sales was such high stakes you can expect retailers to aggressively pursue any sales edge and they can gaps. But what they actually do might still surprise you tonight's ABC -- -- Harris goes shopping. In -- Christmas carols Leyland the tinsel and -- at the mall -- The holidays. And in the battle for the 465. Billion dollars we will spend. Some stores will try to pick your pocket while others will. Only try to read your money. The fight back. More on that in a moment but let's start with since. Retail -- you should look out for. It's a huge. Campaign of disinformation if you will. Where -- retailers are trying to get us to part money with our wallets when he asked shopping blogger dandy Grand -- to tell us about the hotline three -- Number one then never -- Sale that's when stores keep items marked down all year round so it's a sale that is not a -- It's the never ending sale because it is. Always on -- that -- that can't really be considered on sale now there are right if it's only 50% up exactly it's never fifty. -- -- is number two of them make and model mismatch. Stores offered a match your competitors' sales price. But not really. -- -- a deal and is favored it says you find -- a cheaper price on this product will -- -- and you go in there and tell my founded and they say well. That is -- -- morality. But there is often a technicality and it's usually on the cheapest TVs -- the cheapest laptops with a model number is very slightly different. That's all they need to be able to say. -- -- -- -- -- Stores lure you win with a super cheap sale item but -- have. Stocks today. -- some awesome product for -- low price you wait in line you get in the door they say Barry were sold out and then they hope that you by others. Yes they -- you with the outsell they get you with. The Blu-ray player you hadn't planned on buying batteries are good example. So it's not it's not quite a bait and switch like a bait and completely hit you -- As we said this is a war and came -- -- spy. The check this out some stores are now secretly deploying special cameras with facial recognition technology near the display cases. That they can tell what you were thinking -- UI involvement goods which helps them figure out how to rearrange this stores to get you to spend more. Something to -- things like -- -- rocks from a company called shoppers sciences showed me how this works by having this software examine my -- yes and I shopped online for Christmas gift for my life. New program could tell I was put off by the prices it Tiffany. It was -- -- five grams -- -- -- pieces. Now. It's. So -- an -- I didn't hear so -- interest aside but boy you're disagreeing score you're -- despite. And intrigued by the idea of adopt denial I think that from the AS BCA. So you're open to the idea the -- and it's looking pretty good program also read it went and here didn't like his bag and look at -- -- -- Yes the times and when -- here founded dress that she Haiti. As you're shaking your head you're disagreeing scores it is going through the roof. -- things you know little creepy. What could be -- it but that experience is actually more about improving the experience. It's not about invading our privacy he insists but instead about tailoring -- shopping experience. Still we buy more stuff. As we said in its retail war there are weapons you can use to fight for your own interest. Over this part of the story we're bringing in a ringer -- name -- Diana McDougal and he's young enough to beat tech savvy she's a semi professional shopping ninja. -- readiness cameras back. Diana is a self made expert in the new generation of shopping acts like Google shopper Amazon price check and shop savvy. Which allow you to stand the bar codes of any product and see if you can get it online for cheaper. This laptop cable Lockett 2499. In the store and online well and starts forcing. Force every night. Just literally 15. The price you and it's an exciting news of course they may charge you for shipping these on line item. But the -- work very well at the toy store to. Where the Barbie princess bride was 2599. But online. Seventeen looks. -- -- -- -- -- people are overpaying for their part. Thomas the train. Some 44 appeared 34 -- 34 on Amazon frigates. And. Just one -- -- your arsenal and arrow in your quiver if you engage in commercial combats this holiday season but be careful out there. For Nightline is Dan Harris the.

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