New Singles Celebrate Split With Divorce Parties

Vegas, not just for bachelor parties anymore. New divorcees start fresh with a party in Sin City.
7:26 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for New Singles Celebrate Split With Divorce Parties
Divorce can be a pricey affair. But for many, it's getting a lot more expensive and a lot more fun. The newly single heading to Vegas to do everything they always dreamed of. Sky diving, even stripping. Nothing's off-limits. Here's juju Chang. Reporter: Kenny Hoyer is about to do the one thing that terrifies him most. Why did I sign up for this? ? Hey ? Reporter: Vanessa is tapping into something she's kept bottled up for years. Both Vanessa and Kenny are celebrating their new found freedom from their spouses. They're among the growing rank <suffixs of divorcees to find extreme ways to celebrate life after divorce. Kenny Hoyer is 39 and the father of two. His wife left him after nearly eight years of marriage. For him, this plunge isn't just about overcoming his fear of heights, but his fears of being single again. Oh, my god, oh, my god. This is fun! Reporter: What do you say to your ex-wife? Hey, I did it without you and I'm going to continue to do things without you. Reporter: How do you plan a divorce party? What made you come up with the idea of divorce parties? I was going through my own divorce and someone said, do you do parties for weddings? I was like, weddings? I'm like oh, no, I can't even think about a wedding right now, but I'll plan your divorce party. Reporter: While Vegas may be the marriage capital of the world, the party planners have stumbled on a new market, given the divorce rate is roughly 40%. They know the pain and loss divorce leaves in its wake, which is why they say it's about redefining yourself as a single person. For Kenny, that means sky diving. Vanessa was married for 15 years. Pole dancing, here we come. Reporter: Along for the ride, here two close friends, Amanda and Kelly. She pulled the mug on her marriage after they grew apart. For her, the hardest thing is the void it left behind. Very lift. You find yourself getting involved in situations and things that aren't necessarily true to yourself. Reporter: In what way? Just trying to fill the void of that space. So when you call your girlfriends and they're all married and you find yourself alone. Put your level leg around, pick up your feet. Reporter: It's an exotic way for the divorce party planners to get her dancing again. I feel sexy! Reporter: Vanessa's party warms up with pole dancing, segues to pampering and will finish up with a risque show. We want to make sure you're happy. What are some of your aspirations or desires, what did you give up in your marriage? Reporter: Kenny's two kids from a previous marriage know how hard this has been for your dad. Be nice to your sister. My wife leaving and moving into her own place was really a shock. I went through the depression phase, the heart aches. He's been kind of down sometimes because he really truly loved her. He thought he was going to be with her forever. Reporter: Even his own kids see the need for their dad to have a night out. I think this party is helping him get out and have fun. Reporter: How does it make you feel? It meant the world to me. I don't want them to feel bitter. Reporter: After a thrilling complementary sky dive, he's headed bowling. Sltz we're here to celebrate Kenny's newly single getting divorce party. I love to bowl. Bowling is fun, it's in my blood. Reporter: Bowling is a good warmup for something the newly single dad is not as comfortable with -- meeting the ladies. All this stuff is kind of new to me. I'm like a born again virgin, you know? You're supposed to make me hook good. Sltz are you ready for the next part of your adventure? Reporter: As a salon owner, Vanessa has spent 13 years tampering others. Now it's her turn. It's funny how I can be excited for today and it just brings tears to my eyes that I'm so thankful to be here this my life. The last time I had my wmakeup done was my wedding. Reporter: A manicure and the parties take 10% off the top and costs can add up. The average party, around $3,000. You can see people saying you're just taking advantage of people's vulnerability. It's not like they fly to Vegas on a whim. It takes thought process and manning. Reporter: You're celebrating divorce, which is the breakdown of the American family. We're not celebrating divorce but a new chapter of our life. Oh, my gosh. Look at this hair. Reporter: Even after jumping out of a plane, there's one view Kenny is yet to see. Look how pretty. Reporter: As for Vanessa, her party ends with a different kind of view. 100% Australian. Reporter: And the final nudge from the party planners to remind her that there's a lot out there to look forward to. Is there anybody getting divorced here? Reporter: Turns out, they're not alone. When he got all wet, rul kidding me? So nice to see men on stage for once. A firefighter! Hi. Did you have a good time? They like you. Reporter: What's the message you want to send people out there who are going through a divorce? Even though you're divorced, it's not the end of the world. You may fall in love again or learn to love yourself. And you live. There is life after divorce. Reporter: For Vanessa and Kenny, it begins now. For "Nightline," I'm juju Chang in Las Vegas.

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{"id":24392208,"title":"New Singles Celebrate Split With Divorce Parties","duration":"7:26","description":"Vegas, not just for bachelor parties anymore. New divorcees start fresh with a party in Sin City.","url":"/Nightline/video/singles-celebrate-split-divorce-parties-24392208","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}