From 'Slumdog' to Top Dog: Bollywood's Raking It In

Bollywood films are more popular than ever and its version of the Oscars will be hosted in the U.S.
4:18 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for From 'Slumdog' to Top Dog: Bollywood's Raking It In
You are about to get an inside look at one of the biggest movie award ceremonies on the planet. No it is not the oscars. World are colliding as Hollywood meets bollywood bringing billions of fans along. Here's ABC's senior national correspondent Jim Avila. Reporter: It is glam, spectacular and over-the-top movie making, made famous here in the states by "Slum dog millionaire." ? ? and now bollywood comes to America attracting American stars. Yes, that's Kevin spacey. And that is John travolta. I find the Indian films very original and in energy and life. Reporter: Travolta is India's favorite American actor because of his dancing in "Grease." And of course "Saturday night fever." ? ? dancing yeah ? Reporter: The big bollywood fan base gathered in Tampa, Florida, filling a football stadium with mostly American, out-of-their-mind fans. To celebrate Indian film at their version of the oscars. They are enthralled with the Indian way of making movies. Bollywood with monster sellers like, "Chenai express" is seen by more movie-goers than Hollywood block busters. 3 billion tickets sold over there. 1.3 billion in north America. So now bollywood meets Hollywood, India seek a bigger audience. Mega stars like travolta and spacey aren't treated like bollywood actors are in theirs. Her name is deep kapatcomb, she may be the biggest movie star you ever heard of. She could not walk down the streets of bomb bay, she would be mobbed. Reporter: Indian actors made popular by the key to bollywood movies, the dance Numbers as in this Indian classic from 1975, getting bigger and bigger every time the curtain rises. This is 2001. Some times happiness. Some times sad. And this is the man largely responsible for the splash and dash that is bollywood. As he like to be called, the guru of Indian dance. He even directed dance Numbers in American movies. This is his work on "Mission impossible 4." More on the sidish, a little bit. Not too much. Little more center. That's it. Reporter: And now he goes by one name like Oprah is directing the seven musical Numbers that dominate the Indian oscars. Allowing "Nightline" to follow along through rehearsals. Five, six, seven, eight. Reporter: As he cajoles. Coaches. Why are you bouncing off? Keep your feet together. Reporter: He disciplines. Praises his dancers. Lovely. Reporter: He took me back stage to see the props. He designs them all. He designed the wardrobe too. His dance troupe brought more than 140 bags of costumes on their trip from Mumbai, to outfit 90 Indian dancers. What are you going for? What is the sflook. Reporter: What is the look? Very Indian, very bollywood, glitch, chic, loud. Reporter: Can you go sexy? Very sexy. Reporter: Can you go skimpy? I am particular about not looking vulgar. Reporter: From rehearsal to light, makeup, wardrobe. This is the finished product. ? ? but before we go, a little time for a lesson in bollywood moves. Very, very bollywood. Reporter: What are the characteristic moves of the dance? Everything bollywood is hip-oriented for the girl and very subtle for the guys. Reporter: Seems easy enough. Teach me one move. Make him do this one. Not that difficult. Reporter: One foot out there. Okay. That's it! That's it! Yeah. Doing bollywood. Reporter: That could be the end of bollywood as we know it. For "Nightline" in Tampa, Florida, I'm Jim Avila.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Bollywood films are more popular than ever and its version of the Oscars will be hosted in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23617753","title":"From 'Slumdog' to Top Dog: Bollywood's Raking It In","url":"/Nightline/video/slumdog-top-dog-bollywoods-raking-23617753"}