Smashburger: Hottest Thing Between Two Buns

An inside look at the company that wants to conquer the fast-food world 5 ounces at a time.
6:11 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Smashburger: Hottest Thing Between Two Buns
-- extremely crowded market for America's favorite food hamburger subtlety has never been the preferred marketing technique home of the whopper where's the beef found love and -- and so forth. Now comes a culinary scientists this -- literally has a Ph.D. in flavor who claims he has invented the quote that Berger of the future. And some serious people think he may actually be on to something. Here's ABC's Lindsay gave. -- -- -- -- -- Didn't result of mouth watering down at me so tasty. The restaurant behind it claims it created the -- of the future fresh never frozen. And when a customer walks up to -- -- and -- -- burgers and -- on a drawer but so did -- sort of fighting to speak it's called a smash burger. Its namesake rather obvious he smashed the -- for ten seconds the flavor of these fine ounces of Angus beef. Is why smashed burgers now in national burger -- sensation. The proof is in the but at least it was simply did my homework right condolences. So what you should notice if I did this right and I think I did. Is an incredibly juicy. Incredibly tender incredibly flavorful steak burger case. -- -- -- This is the brainchild of Tom -- this same man who brought you stuffed crust pizza it's unlike anything you've ever seen. The dollar menu and nick riddles at McDonald's -- savory sauce -- Granted he's now taking a stand at America's favorite food I think -- resort Sochi in. -- delicious keep in mind we're talking about a guy with a Ph.D. in flavor and fragrance chemistry. Got to -- showroom have a burger. That bad here layer comes up that role -- -- so you start beneath every day to get up underneath the exact. We want to make sure that there. -- -- -- That's the secret sauce if you will smash -- the latest in a long line of as casual burger places going head to head with giants like eating out burgers -- ship. Five napkin burger. And five guys. The American landscape is are you so crowded with Berger joins what made you decide to open up another one we actually thought there was -- need for another one because there's really is cool new thing happening Hoover people want great food fast. And we looked around we've looked actually buying a new burger joint and I'll let you know was really doing it right. CEO -- -- -- hey how are you believe that in this country where 48 billion burgers are consumed a year -- three per week per person. Americans were still hungry for something new when it came to an all beef patty -- between two bonds anything that you think won't stand out -- -- -- the person who looks at your -- I think a couple things should stand out is that really the unique -- so on the left hand side we have these really be called -- recipes. And whether it's a classic for favorite mushrooms with or localized wanting to notice -- New Jersey for workers -- every every market gets its own -- What beginning 2007. As a small restaurant in Denver Colorado has become -- smash hit -- now 208. Restaurants in the US alone. -- by Forbes magazine as the nation's most promising company. But smash -- has an appetite for more. Their goal is to become the number one global better burger brand -- are after all -- business generate 800 billion dollars each year. Hamburgers have always been. Wildly. Commercial and wildly successful from their very inception. And that's why there's so many different hamburger restaurants -- they all want in on the action. The real reason there's so many hamburger restaurants is because -- burger fanatics like Josh close air ski so are you surprised to know it. Sir and attacked my mouth while it's all right I'm listening my mouth. Feast your eyes on the highly esteemed professor of patties Josh -- -- ski AK AMR Cutler it's. Who does his own firsthand -- eating and studying and writing essentially a daily -- -- hamburger. Every few years this all you know it's gonna be all talk goes you know or soon Americans want wraps the rappel that you never happens. He took us to what he believes is their best. -- in the Big Apple -- look at this. You see that surfaced yes OK this is something called the -- artifact to chemical reaction. That happens when you meet meet he. And sometimes it's cold -- molestation. That it tastes good who knew there was so much science behind America's favorite food. So I think even put -- catch upon -- and no it's too good to obscure with like strong flavors. Gentlemen don't ruin his -- hamburger a history -- -- ski traces the hamburger back to its nineteenth century roots. And the man he calls the pioneer the first successful hamburger -- I credit it. With being in 1916. In Wichita Kansas because it was -- -- Walter Anderson -- -- fry cook. And he had this big novelty item where he had like little -- and little -- to -- all along side each other on the on an iron skillet. -- in 1921. Created what can. I -- know -- Mike Hampton hamburgers from what began to happen in the sixties and seventies a lot of the burger chains were absorbed. By giant corporations and just became like how can we make it most cheaply and the answer that question was well cooked them all -- -- time and have them sitting around. Get the golden arches -- their -- believes we're living in the golden age of burgers people now have these much higher expectations. For what a hamburger can -- Beckett -- -- they are -- smashing insulting every -- to order for their hundreds of thousands of customers -- coming every day. But cooking up a good burger isn't exactly easy. The hard thing to do first shot oh. I finally got on the half. But the taste band -- -- smashing success. For Nightline I'm Linda Davis in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"An inside look at the company that wants to conquer the fast-food world 5 ounces at a time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19336509","title":"Smashburger: Hottest Thing Between Two Buns","url":"/Nightline/video/smashburger-hottest-thing-buns-19336509"}