No Smiling at Baby Gorillas

Handlers at the Twycross Zoo in England have to teach baby gorillas to survive.
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for No Smiling at Baby Gorillas
And we turn out -- remarkable story of humans helping us species on the brink of extinction it's. Happy story but the zoo -- helping to raise a baby -- land gorilla. Can never smile. At their young charge. -- the eight picks up the habit learns to bear his teeth. Well just might cost him his life from England ABC's nick -- brings us this report. -- six months. Baby's clothes and direct. And -- Human it's his Foster mom she's one of the zoo keepers who care for a Condit 24 hours a day. They feed him love him like child beauty and grumble and maybe they crumble like that movie -- to keep him. But the hardest part -- keepers are not allowed to smile. That's cute little Canada the calls it he learns to smile if he picks up that -- It could kill him. Here is why. That's a kind his uncle and someday -- and it will be re introduced to his gorilla family and Willis -- It means they're mad as -- What you don't want a guy to get back. -- -- And so do this and -- -- -- face the community today -- book though so what they weren't if you daring him you you'll -- No bones and -- with -- and -- A panda might be killed by his uncle or his father that really happen. Another baby gorilla called tiny was killed by his adoptive father patient just a few months ago at London Zoo. Keepers were -- criticized for. Putting them together in the same -- adult male gorillas known -- Silverbacks are temperamental and prone to violence. Smile from a -- Could set them off. But Condit was born here at the white -- into an English -- is his mom. It is that he was taken away from his parents a month ago because he was starving to death there's something wrong with his mom's milk. So this grueling round the clock human parenting might go on for months until a panda has moved on to solid food. Why is it's important to save him. Because there only a 100000. Western lowland gorillas these guys on the planet and the announced it. And so they want to -- -- to grow up and read have a family of his own and keep this critically endangered species alive. That's. That -- smile. This beautiful. Little -- I'm nick -- for Nightline at the point crosses the eighth inning.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Handlers at the Twycross Zoo in England have to teach baby gorillas to survive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15061571","title":"No Smiling at Baby Gorillas","url":"/Nightline/video/smiling-baby-gorillas-15061571"}