Snooki Gets Skinny

"Jersey Shore" star sheds 42 pounds of baby weight and talks life beyond the show.
3:56 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Snooki Gets Skinny
Well life in the all night party fast lane may be over -- Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki -- But that doesn't mean she's slowing down juggling motherhood. And red hot career this reality TV queen sits down with -- ABC's Chris -- to discuss her long road to fame. And how she plans to stand on top. Look who's ready to get back on the beach that's Jersey Shore star that holds the people -- Let us weekly cover -- having dropped 42. Just six months after giving birth to her first -- Lorenzo. But I sit down with her late last year had already come up with a -- weight loss fifth. -- -- -- And breast pump when -- -- your boots he actually you're burning calories. Nicole says motherhood has been life transforming. When you had a kid everything just changes what timing going to sleepless nights I usually go to sleep around in class and -- -- EMI and have a normal life as possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would be the new normal. Coming after six seasons of raising a ruckus and Jersey Shore after the series then. -- sandy devastated and sure last year. She aided by fundraising effort now what she awaits a possible third season of the spin off Snooki and she and fiance Giuliani Le -- are living in his parents' basement. Not that -- it turns out. From where this pint sized. Powerhouse through -- this is thanks ballet in my friend that Alan day went dark time. Many -- -- -- pan the knack. Where -- we on now Greek pizza Eagles they're basically it. Here eighty miles north of New York City in -- -- New York. -- Marlborough high of four foot nine inch the -- was even a high school cheerleader. Remember any of its share. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- it wasn't all high school sunshine for Nicole who was adopted in infancy from Sheila. And brought to America by her parents. I happily lot and really making financial. I was late what does that mean -- -- Now having endured the slings and arrows of celebrity. She's turning herself into a brand selling products this is my red -- -- under the -- he'd been. The study -- niece slept Reyes in Miami in an accompanying approached me and think they want me to my alliance of course. So then I started that they animal prints and in any signs. Sunglasses curfew this survey kind for -- prep school runs even headphones have followed suit and -- yeah. -- not yet available in major stores. But they insurers look like the -- bank. Online Hanks I definitely wanted to be Elaine needs silent when you look at gas to -- -- Attacking god being us still look kind Clancy at the same time. -- -- Jersey -- years and now he's had the support of her proud and presumably relieved parents Andy and Helen Pulitzer. The business ventures have become a mom and pop operation. Literally. Sunny but he is her best interest it's going to be her parents can guide her along and reach your goals -- you want. Putting money away for our -- our grandson. Basically -- that handles nine money because if I did and it. I'd be lost hopefully am informed forty years old -- -- -- has a huge empire so I can. Put my kids to college and I can be a -- grammar lesson. I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline. In Marlborough New York.

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{"id":18681180,"title":"Snooki Gets Skinny","duration":"3:56","description":"\"Jersey Shore\" star sheds 42 pounds of baby weight and talks life beyond the show.","url":"/Nightline/video/snooki-skinny-18681180","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}