Snowboard Champ Shaun White: X Games Preview

Gold medal snowboarder gives ESPN an inside look at his preparation for the 2013 Winter X-Games.
2:53 | 01/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowboard Champ Shaun White: X Games Preview
His high speed antics on the slopes have made action sports star Shaun White a household name. Now he's out to prove that his snowboard skills are sharper than ever at the X games in Aspen white is barely competed in the event. Since last winning -- in 2009 but he's determine -- regains ground. And he allowed us an incredible inside look at his preparation. There's a lot of talk which was in just. -- like now he can't come back he's too far gone. And that was probably the best thing I could have herd -- really motivated need to do well. And -- -- at -- at different. First place and and it it was something that felt amazing for me because I put -- all outward to actually learn new tricks and to -- -- the perform them under pressure. At that moment against the best guys in the world and -- it knows everything. When people say that I live. Do you think that's -- -- -- different here and I try to show them. -- -- -- -- I definitely don't think winning is everything. I seem to do little bit better -- the pressure's on I like to feel the crowd like element of the excitement and it seems to bring the best out at me. -- I would -- for me the idea is to wrap my head so much around the trick. I don't think about it. I've analyzed so much that I know it -- and look like you know where the bodies have yet position lines. You'll find everything. What about. Like for the sixteen. Drives me. My best efforts toward that goal. I wanna go like with a -- Yeah there's a lot of parents that there's been so much back and practiced this is that moment it's like. You wrote the song -- you just play it. Pat. All all. -- to go -- and ESPN for this -- Joseph battle several rising stars for -- game -- -- gold on Saturday afternoon the action starts at 2 PM eastern on ESPN.

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{"id":18321030,"title":"Snowboard Champ Shaun White: X Games Preview","duration":"2:53","description":"Gold medal snowboarder gives ESPN an inside look at his preparation for the 2013 Winter X-Games.","url":"/Nightline/video/snowboard-champ-shaun-white-games-win-18321030","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}