Sofia Vergara: Real-Life Gloria

"Modern Family" actress' character is loosely based on her real life.
8:12 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Sofia Vergara: Real-Life Gloria
A single mom who came to this country and made it big. -- -- -- is the red hot star of the hit sitcom modern family here on ABC. In many ways to show reflects the change in reality of the American family. In her spare time she's launched a line of clothing for women who won her hot Hollywood flair for less. All list from a woman who once thought she'd be a dentist here's my colleague Cynthia McFadden. I know that I haven't taxing but be -- that we just fine it was a bull written just for her due date ankle undersecretary and told her daughter -- -- baby -- it's. Gloria on ABC hit comedy modern family you don't. -- Funny. -- and she's perfectly safe and of course. That accident I didn't think varying varying views that -- sometimes when you get all dressed up as Gloria you said it looked like it -- me. I don't -- They'll then he got up and it. But you know well -- but it is there. Nothing -- -- extreme element. It's excellent but I always felt like like like that you know with. It's probable that noble -- that would extract the blonde beautiful an I always have. You know -- make up and they hair and I know it'll -- -- -- So I feel like that. With the to spend some time with the guard backstage at modern family and we wondering how close is she to her character and Maria I'm. At -- and haven't I ever witnessed Sophia stop and Gloria -- -- She's going -- means can't enact things yet they keep from a previous marriage. She's loud she's hot ecstatic parents -- -- pray they do -- -- Yeah. -- but you know the funny thing is that when I usually like when -- -- starting like -- relationship with up with boyfriend. At the beginning get a -- -- -- -- banking and I can turn around and screaming get angry. But I tend to turn around and I forget about it so it's and then and then when while they know me an agnostic -- But in real life the boomers more than just that hot Latin mother she plays on television. She's a cover girl and a business woman with her own production company I'm Sophia -- And I'm not afraid to work. And the new line of women's clothes at Kmart if you meant to be affordable don't fit women would hurt the even if you're permits aren't as good as her curves my connection is -- Kmart. -- -- So you wearing your your life might bring out this is it. -- -- -- -- -- Then everything that teens have been present to do dual world let's say they all look like that -- the genes it would be different that act as well. Let -- well dean get to any time box and then let them millions. There were less than who has money -- to spend thousands thousands of dollars an -- In announcing Nolan. But that -- will -- want to look cute one at a beautiful and -- looks sexy so do you think that. You can singlehandedly bring back the US economy -- And on am bringing sexy back to pay my that's all I can tell you at the -- at third -- the girl was not an. Overnight success she's been working hard at making it for 22 years a natural blonde she grew up in Colombia. She loved playing with Barbie dolls and hoped one day that she'd have that Barbie figure to -- -- skinny to elicit little girl yeah. There was a nickname. Me yeah -- EU which isn't to that the big picnic. Case opera because you know always -- and everybody was more like ambulances and -- ending in -- he -- culture at skinny guy fact that. Have nothing to pick up and so I was very -- always concerned that I was an hour -- now. And feel -- you know all those. My mother had that -- You didn't need to worry and that I'd -- that I did it now. She's certainly wasn't too skinny at age seventeen -- scouts discovered her on a beach with her family. Secretly placed -- in this Pepsi ads. And now all these years later she's still doing Pepsi ads. But now it's a dying. -- -- -- -- -- Not gone crazy with the same more or anything I was always more concern -- being a good mother and and working to make money not just you not to be famous and increase. So the -- that we see you do is Gloria. Now from the heat and it was never anything do anything besides the city promised it because that's not knowing every -- is that the kind of -- -- -- -- -- I think she's amazing I mean I think all the woman should be -- over at morning glory try to learn from her actually I will wish -- was more like her. Surprisingly despite her sunny disposition. The -- has endured many tragedies in her life. -- older brother was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia. And her younger brother has battled an addiction to drugs. To -- she says she tries to stay upbeat. In when when -- and responsibility to elect a -- you don't like a family. You cannot give yourself that then the luxury of going getting the press and and -- -- -- -- and thinking to much about it. But even that was hard to do back in 2000 when doctors told her she had thyroid cancer. She was just 28 years old. I was very young and when they tell you that word. It's like. Me talking on a new -- got on word and it's just you feel you always think. Death eater and that's all -- -- when they tell you that so I was in was pretty scared. You can see this thing just little scar around whom you know I -- -- diamond necklace and you think. Decline but I. There's so you laugh about -- -- Everything. I mean I have to look -- -- if I see him at a home and think all that means that that had happened Albion like you know Larry I think Bennett. Since -- -- in her first husband biggar has been tied to some of Hollywood's leading men most famously Tom Cruise. But these days she's in love with a man outside the Hollywood circle he's 36 year old nick Loeb a wealthy businessmen from Florida. You're going to turn forty share back. At. Yes. Have you thought about -- children. Yes of course because of of of team if -- stay with -- using young having his his younger than me he's that he's -- You know I had skits so unsure if he's been of the press. Somebody and right now I can't I mean I'm doing you know in the middle of modern family which is my priority I don't think -- wants to see Gloria pregnant. I mean I don't I -- I can't I had I not gotten a lot often there's a twist the -- -- Uncle Carl Walz who put up. All. -- The current has perfected the art of not taking herself too seriously. And done that's being -- me that I got. -- mermaid -- she told me at this event she even walk down the red carpet with her shoes on the -- feet. If -- -- -- -- -- -- now yeah yeah he's on the right let me any like. The night do with -- ever. We think soon. -- -- -- Well done Sophia and I thanks to Cynthia. As -- TV stardom isn't enough Sophia has two movies coming out this holiday season New Year's Eve and happy feet two. That one is huge in my house.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"\"Modern Family\" actress' character is loosely based on her real life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14870888","title":"Sofia Vergara: Real-Life Gloria","url":"/Nightline/video/sofia-vergara-real-life-gloria-14870888"}