Spielberg's 'War Horse' for Families

Oscar-winning director talks with ABC?s Katie Couric about holiday blockbuster.
7:01 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Spielberg's 'War Horse' for Families
Are joined tonight by my colleague ABC's Katie Couric Katie good to see you thanks Terry that he can't and you had a chance to interview Stephen Spielberg the legendary -- I happen he's a great guy but he hasn't directed a movie Terry since the fourth Indiana Jones back in 2008 but he's definitely making up for lost time. With two holiday blockbusters released within days of one another. You know Spielberg has directed dinosaurs aliens snakes and sharks I guess we shouldn't be surprised that this time in one of those two movies. His lead actor is a horse. The guy has always been a risk taker but he is so commercially successful. That at this point in his career he gets to. And we get to sit back and enjoy it. -- After more than forty years making movies Steven Spielberg isn't slowing down AL. The same level -- and they had when I was when jaws and later on tonight the first -- and they've when I considered Frontline just doesn't change the same Woolworth five and has been with me ever since I first picked up. Eight millimeter movie camera when I was a kid -- Who would've known that when Spielberg first picked up that eight millimeter camera it would be the start of one of the most successful careers in Hollywood history. The master storyteller and three time Oscar winner is the top grossing director of all time. Thanks to blockbusters like jaws ET the Indiana Jones franchise and Jurassic Park. Not to mention dramatic masterpieces. Like Schindler's List. This. The pure joy of getting up in the morning to do this is is unlike anything else except. Well there's something better than that and that's having a -- We -- -- anything fast. And in fact it was Chamblee that influence the choice of his latest down. My daughters hunter jumper and we live of horses and that was another thing that really invited me into this process. -- -- -- about the special bond between Alpert an idealistic English farm boy played by newcomer Jeremy Irvine. And his beloved colts -- -- -- -- But when World War I intervened and chili sold into the surface of The British Army. Both man and horse must go into battle. -- -- man to man -- option. As closely as he's done. It was first a best selling book and then a Tony award winning play. You before even saw the play I heard the story and read the book that was written in 1982. A children's book -- children's book I thought this story had really good movie bones the seem to have. -- stories he didn't do tradition. Of the earth from the land people who fight for themselves. -- had big kind of elements of Americana even though it had nothing to do with America. But the book was told through the horse's eyes and in his voice. Still rather -- make mr. read the movie so. -- Cole Wilbur. Remember him no Wilbur -- over Spielberg got -- for cash and virtual unknowns. And the horse is the star I'd realized early on the -- talk to you in the way they look at you. They talk to you in the way their ears look at you. And ended there's a lot more expression in a horse and people give her credit for. Although he's a big history buffs -- -- he knew little about the -- courses played in World War I. Except that millions were used. And millions died. They died by exposure. Just the conditions that they were working under by by being killed by the labor really inhumane conditions. While the battle -- are classic Spielberg he says he can't back it time -- sort PG thirteen rating. War horse he says is not another seeking private Ryan. I want to cheat. Would kids and families feel completely comfortable going to this I think this is a good film with the -- together a mustang little -- should see this picture but which could see this picture. They're accustomed. With my name associated with war to expect the worst -- they're not gonna get the worst in this. But more course is in Spielberg's only family friendly film this holiday season. Opening just four days earlier is another epic sized picture the 3-D animated. Adventures a 1010. -- -- Good -- -- -- Christian. Story that Washington and and it producing credits on as many as six movies and -- TV shows this year isn't enough. And the other started this we are using as the White House. Production on the prolific filmmakers next movie. Is already well underway using the day I caught up with and he transformed Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. And to 1860s Washington DC for another historical drama Lincoln. You can't do -- justice. And lets you find something that he did that was everlasting. And for me personally. What was everlasting was ending slavery. And making something everlasting. Is what's most important to Spielberg now so with the devoted father of seven is going to take -- It better be worth it. You I -- -- get so many fantastic scripts and yet there's no shortage. Of projects he could attach your name -- Is that a higher threshold now. I'm a little more emotionally selective about things that I sort of allow them. Kinda coming to my life in touch me or even -- me out of my seat and say you must direct me I mean it really is it's a different criteria now. And when it comes at Lincoln we. Spielberg has decided to delay the release -- -- the election it exactly I think you know both sides both political parties laid claim to the mantle of Abraham Lincoln he didn't want the movie to be turned into some kind of political. But also he's waiting to release -- post election -- -- After November 22 exactly that you're busy these days tomorrow -- out of primetime special. On the year that's right I'm really excited about it Terry it's kind of it a year -- -- retrospective on steroids and we're covering everything from the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street to Casey Anthony the royal wedding. And we also have the -- with change because there have been many falls from grace as we know. This past here I think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch I certainly had a great time doing jam packed. Champ in action -- and said the good -- things and you're welcome. And -- special is tomorrow at 9 o'clock eastern here on ABC.

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{"id":15159673,"title":"Spielberg's 'War Horse' for Families","duration":"7:01","description":"Oscar-winning director talks with ABC?s Katie Couric about holiday blockbuster.","url":"/Nightline/video/spielbergs-war-horse-families-15159673","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}