Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers

A small ministry called 'Beach Reach' goes to South Padre Island to preach to spring breakers.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers
In the bible, Jesus commanded followers to, quote, go out and make disciples of all nations. Many modern day Christians take this very seriously, doing mission work in some of the most inhospitable and sometimes dangerous parts of the world. Tonight, you're going to meet some missionaries who are venturing into. Surprising and potentially deeply enfriendly territories -- spring break. How do you bring the gospel into the world of keg stands and tequila shots? Reporter: Spring break -- it's a rite of passage. Once a year, hundreds of thousands of college kids descend on the beaches of the southern coast to party. There are no rules here. Only expectations to get very drunk. Naked and hook up. R. Got to get it on. Just steps away from overflowing beer bongs and vodka shots -- Jesus Christ. Ready? Reporter: Are spring breakers with a much different purpose. Praying for the partiers. God, I ask that you reveal yourself to them so they can sing to you. They do crazy things. Reporter: It's a very unexpected face on the spring break team. I'm not on the party team. But I want to help my party people get to the team that I want to be at. Reporter: For the past 34 years, he's led a ministry called beech reach to south padre island to spread the word of Jesus. This is the hang out. Reporter: What is the biggest goal here that you have? Well, we have a couple of things. Number one, we realize that students come to spring break and they just want to blow off some steam and have some fun. But in the midst of that, there are tons of safety issues. We want to work with the city of south padre island to make sure that students have a safe spring break. It's an uphill and seemingly losing battle. These partiers didn't come here to pray. We're trying to have good time, drink some beer, partying on the beach. If you want to reach out for people, there's a time and a place for that. Spring break, padre island on the beach is not the place for that. Reporter: For the police of south padre island, the beaches and bars are a battlefield. Fuelled by large amounts of alcohol and sometimes drugs. Things can get dangerous fast. They get themselves in trouble when they're passed out in a parking lot. Reporter: Almost 2,000 college-aged kids die every year from alcohol-related injuries. And just yesterday a 23-year-old spring breaker from New Jersey was found dead in his hotel. Toxicology reports still pending. It's early afternoon, and the party is just getting started on the beach. 23-year-old Nate and his friends drove here from Michigan. It was like a 30-hour ride. I would do it all over again. I usually don't get this drunk but it's sprik break. This place is out of control. Tonight we have a schedule where the party is at. I think we're going to one of the clubs. And when the sun goes down and the party gets even wilder, for some the night ends in the back of this car. Underage and highly intoxicated. Reporter: But for those who party on, ironically, the beach reach men industry is their free ride. I would just ask that you show yourself to the hearts of every single person. The object is to get them from one place to another, get them safely there. But also just to have a conversation with them. What's going on in your life, how can we help you? Are you going to be okay? Is. The dark side of spring break can be seen just about everywhere. He's kind of wet. We can put him in. You all are the best. Thank you. We're just here to help, man. As they stream out of louie's bar, god with a post party meal. As soon as they come out of the bar, we direct them this way and we feed them, try to get them sobered up a little bit. But few want to listen. There's not enough evidence to say there's a Jesus. I don't know how any of you can believe them. They're untruthful, untrustworthy. You play with your hat all the time, do you know that? Yeah, I know that. For people who say you're here to convert people, what do you say? That's part of it. But we're not here to convert people. We're hear to share an opportunity for them to get their life together mentally, physically, spiritually. So a lot of people watching this will say you know what, that's just spring break. They're out having fun. So why is it that you're here? What happens when you wake up after spring break? When a girl in the midst of something says hey, let's go in here and do this and they wake up the next morning, now all of a sudden reality comes in. Did anybody film me? Did anybody take a picture of what I did? I'm so embarrassed. I think what would happen if that was my daughter. I mean, I would want a man like me that could be there and say it's going to be okay. God, you are a great good. He tends to play a parental role to these kids who are often too young to understand the choices they make here could affect their entire life. I would not want the criminal record, right? They're going to do a background check on you. At 8:00 A.M., buddy and his team are in the police station, coaching the hundreds of minors ticketed for possession of alcohol. Tough times. I'm glad we're here to help them out. Remember Nate who just a day ago was playing beer pong? Did you ever think that those vans driving around picking up people, taking them to bars might be from a church? I did. I was a little sketched out at first. They did give me a ride. They were super cool. Honestly, I seen the guy with his shirt off that said god over everything. He said you should come out tonight. I was like okay, I'll give it a shot, whatever. So you came here for spring break but you ended up at their worship service. Yeah. And it was really powerful. We're going to try to go tonight. Reporter: Later that night as the friends get ready to party -- Doing my hair. Reporter: Nate is getting ready for church. These are dirty. I didn't bring my shoe Polish. It's okay. Courtney is going with me. Some people are like why are you going to church? You're on spring break, man. What are you doing? It's good for him. It's a good personal aspect for him to go to church. Are you ready? Just trying to change my ways, trying to keep my priorities in order. Even though I'm on vacation and having fun, I still try to get out there and spend time with god. Reporter: After church, we head back to the house. His friends are pregaming, but he seems to be trying to take it easy. This is not your traditional spring break. Not AUT all. I didn't expect to go from partying to being in church. On the last day of the ministry, buddy has gathered the converted. People are being baptized right here. Reporter: The long week of work is culminating in a bapt tichl right here on the beach. We're going to make the loudest yell that we can. And people on the beach think something went down. And they just come in droves. Ready, scream, scream. At once, the debatch Raus partying gives way to collective praying. We thank you for this great opportunity we have to testify to our faith in you. Thank you for saying us, rescuing us. We thank you for these that are going to be baptized. Amen. The crew wades into the chilly waves to begin baptizing. This is the moment they're saved. For "Nightline" in south

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A small ministry called 'Beach Reach' goes to South Padre Island to preach to spring breakers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23000284","title":"Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Heads South to 'Save' Partiers","url":"/Nightline/video/spring-break-salvation-christian-ministry-heads-south-save-23000284"}