Beach Under Jumbo Jet Flyover

Caribbean island's airport runway makes an impact across from a popular beach.
3:23 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Beach Under Jumbo Jet Flyover
There are two things that set apart the airport were about to show you. The first is -- or federal land giant jet planes must swooped low over a public beach the second is that people actually go out of their way to be on that beach while planes are landing and taking off. Here's ABC's Ryan owns. After the long flight to a Caribbean paradise most tourists can't wait to get away from the airport. Except on the island of Saint Martin. Where's the airport. He is the main attractions thrill. Seekers flocked here to sun bathed in the shadow of -- Jumbo jet. -- -- Even -- colors come to the surface for this show. Show. YouTube videos like this have turned the tiny island helped us have friends and do what top Justin -- for aviation and -- None bigger than eleven year old Mason -- he wants to be -- led and convinced his parents to take the the family vacation here. He's not alone. Near the end of the runway -- sunset bar and grill is packed. Each morning they write the flight schedule on a surfboard. And broadcast air traffic control instead of music. Today the -- land and the crowds rushed to the beach. Beer in one hand camera in the other. But there he is one landing that can't be miss ahead. The one Mason came from Arizona to see it one -- -- This KLM 747. Weighs nearly 900000. Pounds. And is headed straight for the -- And there was Mason with a front Rosie. Mom capture the moment in this snapshot. That's -- the house you'll never nearly -- and the US. But that's only half the thrill literally. Every flight that lands takes off and as these somewhat amusing signs warned that's the real danger. And -- -- dating back. The massive engines on planes like these can produce winds of more than a hundred miles an hour. Air France. -- Remember Reagan we love and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm where. The jet blast is celebrated with its own shot at the sunset bar. And some of the folks who get behind the engines seem to have had a view. See those young gentleman hanging on defense. One of them has our cameras strapped to his checks. I have on the one Caribbean island where the most exhilarating part of your trip happened before you. -- -- I'm Ryan Owens for Nightline. In saint --

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{"id":15004026,"title":"Beach Under Jumbo Jet Flyover","duration":"3:23","description":"Caribbean island's airport runway makes an impact across from a popular beach.","url":"/Nightline/video/st-maartens-jet-blast-beach-15004026","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}