'Steve Jobs' Book: The Two Steves

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson casts the Apple CEO in a different light.
7:01 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for 'Steve Jobs' Book: The Two Steves
More than anyone in modern business Steve Jobs knew how to create an emotional bond with his customers so -- the masses of apple faithful in -- Should really put a label on his new biography warning. Steve Jobs was not a night sky. Like a heckler at a -- this book lays bare his flaws while his family still mourns and all those who truly -- -- may dispute what's inside. Once you've read Steve Jobs. You'll never think of -- the same way again. Since. It's become one of the most watched speeches of all time. Fiercely private man opening his soul to Stanford's class of 2005. Telling of his adoption is firing is cured his cancer scare. I had the surgery and thankfully on fine. We know now that was not entirely true. As He told -- biographer Walter Isaacson jobs actually rejected that surgery for almost a year. To the dismay of his wife and friends He tried herbs and carrot -- instead and when He finally went under the knife the cancer had spread. You said that in retrospect he's sorry. He said that He didn't want his body to be opened up He said that He regrets. You know waiting a lot of a lot of people wait before they have an operation. I just think that He has such. Belief in his power magical thinking. That in this case it failed. And -- -- have the most vivid example of what has long been known as the Steve Jobs reality distortion field his singular ability to convince himself and everyone around him. Of the and possible. The total will be much more credible suns -- Steve Wozniak talked about. He -- Wozniak they had to do -- game and they had to do it in four days in Bosnia accident possible them Wozniak did it He said that's the power. Of the reality distortion field is that it works. He can actually distort reality and make you do what you didn't think -- -- did you ever fall under that -- all I am sure. -- over forty conversations. But to balance out his influence Isaacson also drew from interviews with ex -- employees rivals. And even some unauthorized biographies jobs -- long disputed -- tell -- hanging from his earliest days on the public stage this adopted former delinquent. This passage dropping -- turned brash entrepreneur war began to understand the power of his charisma. The date. For the first time ever. I'd like to let Macintosh speak for itself. Low by Americans -- -- truth coming -- Goodell wrote that bed. That force field turned into a multimillionaire in his twenties and then got him fired from the company He founded. It's -- -- -- -- the most successful branded film. And help -- return. Save for. Need that kind of force you to reinvent the telephone. -- -- And the retail store. And convince rock stars to sell their songs were nine -- In fact that works so well -- will hold him. And offered to do these ads for free. Going but according Isaacson the reality distortion field had to settings and there was another Steve the public never saw you talk about his ability to. Devastates people. With a stare. Or with a tantrum you -- that He could stunned and unsuspecting victim. With an emotional -- perfectly but you know a lot of techniques. And you cover them all the time. There kind of disconnected emotionally they don't emotionally engaged to have trouble making eye contact. Steve was at the other extreme He knew emotionally. Every single thing about -- when He was upset with somebody's work. He wouldn't just sort of -- He would rant in a way that would get right to the Cold War. Somebody's emotional weaknesses -- vulnerabilities. Isaacson describes how many of his victims with -- people who loved him most. The friend who helped build apple. And then was frozen out of well -- stock options the girlfriend who scrawled neglect is a form of abuse on the wall of their apartment. And the daughter He refused to acknowledge even after a court -- DNA tests proved He was her father. What He said that it was one of the things He -- in his life which was that He was not more forthcoming. He didn't handle it well win his girlfriend got pregnant and He just. Didn't want to deal with that. He expressed some regret and he's had off again on again but fortunately. You know. By his later years on again relationship with his daughter Lisa. According to the book jobs propose to Lorraine Powell and didn't mention it again for months. Even after she'd gotten pregnant He remains so detached she moved out. But He came to his senses the story goes and was -- twenty years later when He needed -- most. As for legacy oil in its quest for perfection even found fault in his hand picked successor Tim Cook is a brilliant executive He told Isaacson. But he's not really a product person -- -- That is -- -- -- comments since cook now has to prove they can create great products without him. The -- question I came away with after finishing this is. Would apple be apple if you have been nicer. -- that's the big question. Part of it is it was just we what does that say why -- bodies sometimes get so intense with people He said that's who I am. I do thing. That sometimes. His quickly this is -- or whatever it was probably wasn't necessary may have even been counterproductive. But it's hard to argue with the results which is the type of team He built and the loyalty was able to -- Here's to the crazy -- The misfits. The rebels no better proof than the employees only memorial few days back pocket tyrants ever -- this kind of devotion behind. Among his last advice He had for me and for all of you. Was to never asked. What He would do. Just do what's right He said. And just listen to Johnny -- In the book Apple's wizard of design describes frustration over jobs taking credit for his ideas. He's not here. Not now. Says his I think. Was a victory for UT. The purity. And as He would say could you can at them. Here's -- given -- -- Walter Isaacson is book Steve Jobs is out right now.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson casts the Apple CEO in a different light.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14807171","title":"'Steve Jobs' Book: The Two Steves","url":"/Nightline/video/steve-jobs-book-tale-steves-14807171"}