The story of the Turpin family at center of abuse allegations

David and Louise Turpin pleaded not guilty to a combined 75 counts that included charges of torture, child abuse and false imprisonment.
8:20 | 01/20/18

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Transcript for The story of the Turpin family at center of abuse allegations
They appear to be port rates of one big happy family. In pictures on Facebook David and Louise turpin surrounded by their 13 children but behind the smiles and outfits a reality so disturbing. Extremely mal nourish they have muscle wasting and cognitive damaging. They were tied with rope. Moved up to chains and padlocks. Now this mother and father are in shackles accused of years of cruelty. This is off the chart sadistic. Torture, false imprisonment and child endangerment happening in the couples home in the town of Perris, California. The alleged horror all hidden in plain site. But the family's story started 2300 miles away in the heart of a app lashia in princeton where they grew up in the 70s and 80s. I'm full of emotion, angry, sad, heartbroken, confused how this happened. This is Elizabeth flores who is Louise's younger sister. It was always her way or no way she had to sneak around to do it she would do it. The younger sister said she and others in the family were sex umpireually aabused. I thinkt may have been an under lining issue. Another constant in her life was David turpin in 1979 sporting the same bowl cut he sports today. He was quiet, nerdy, tended to dress welled sometimes with a bow tie. She started to date him at 15 and dad didn't want them to. When she was only 16 she ran away with him and they were found several days later in Texas. Her parents decided not to pursue charges, the couple then got married in 1985. In 1986 the couple moved to Texas where David had a job. By the 90s were living in fort Worth where lists bhej is Elizabeth spent the summer with them and said she noticed things were off. I remember they were really strict on the oldest daughter. Would wander in her room a lot and let her eat meals before she would sit down she'd have to give permission. I felt like maybe I shouldn't question her parenting. It was like I wasn't allowed to talk to the kids and they couldn't talk to me without permission. Louise came up with a hybrid religion but they didn't go to church. She says David was very reserved and Louise made all of the rules. She always seemed to be in control but there were always looks him sitting back watching. I was told couldn't make phone calls from their phone, wasn't allowed to have anyone over, wasn't allowed to talk or hang out with anybody, if I wanted to I had to find another place to go. And things got creepier. I'd get in the shower. Lock the door, and Louise would unlock it with a coat hanger and they would both come in and made me get out of the shower in front of them. She found out Louise talked to friends at work and kicked her out. Despite David's job their fort Worth house was foreclosed on. The scene they left behind can deplorable filth with scratches on the backs of doors and walls which the homeowner assumed came from animals. They moved to the rural Texas town of Rio vista. It is hard to find on a map. Neighbors sided strange behaviors. Something was wrong over there, something was not right. Money problems made them foreclose and they also left a mess and bizarre photographs. Pretty bad shape. The turpin family went west to California. It's unclear why they moved to California. They don't have any family out here. Perhaps it was for work. We just don't know. Eventually they settled in a small city Perris registering his house with sand castle day school so his kids could be home schooled. A neighbor seen something odd one night. I would come home from 12:30 to 3:00 in the morning and kids would be marching between the rooms. They were marching literally in the middle of the night back and forth from room to room. Like a loop. How long. Hours. Hours? Yeah. Finally for the siblings living in what prosecutors say was hell, a breaking point, two kids escaped out of a window just after 6:00 on Sunday. The younger child frightened turns back the 17-year-old keeps going to call 9/11 on a deactivated cellphone. She explained her siblings were held against their well and some chained. Deputies noticed when they arrived the children were malova nourished and it was dirty with horrific conditions. The parents arrested at the scene, children authorities say were severely malnourished a 29-year-old woman weighing just 82 pounds. It's hard to say what is most horrific, you have parents torturing their children, causing them pain, causing them suffering, over a long period of time through mal nourishment, through physical and psychological abuse. Authorities say hidden behind a neatly manicured lawn in cookie cutter house a mountain of evidence. When demetriouss fouputies found the 12 siblings what were the conditions. Conditions were deplorabdeplorable, some that were chained were not taken to the badge robathroom to relieve themselves. My guess there's going to be powerful evidence in the journals what was happening in that house. In court daft and David and Louise turpin pleaded not guilty to 75 counts including torture, child endangerment and false imprisonment. Investigators say only the two-year-old child appears to have escaped the abuse. The couple is being held on $12 million bail each. Elizabeth says she hasn't seen the children in more than a decade. She didn't know what was going on until she saw the news. Somebody posted the link on my Facebook and said is this your sicko sister. My initial response was oh, my god and I broke down. I knew my sister was different from us but I would have never, ever imagined this, ever. And for the 13 siblings who investigators say have already endured so much, a long, around arduous road to recovery still lies ahead. Stay with us. Humira has a proven track record

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{"id":52482166,"title":"The story of the Turpin family at center of abuse allegations ","duration":"8:20","description":"David and Louise Turpin pleaded not guilty to a combined 75 counts that included charges of torture, child abuse and false imprisonment.","url":"/Nightline/video/story-turpin-family-center-abuse-allegations-52482166","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}