Could Cruisers Face Pirates?

The Costa Allegra cruise ship is stuck in the Indian Ocean without power.
3:38 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Could Cruisers Face Pirates?
Part of the appeal of a cruise vacations a promise of all that blue water between you and the daily grind but the flip side. Is that when the vacation go south it is really tough to leave. One fleet in particular has driven this home in the past month first the coast to come courted sank off -- Italy and now fire on the cool -- Allegra. As more than a thousand people drifting in waters frequented. By Somali pirates and ABC's Jeffrey -- is waiting for -- Well bill. I'll say good morning to you because it is Wednesday morning. Here in the Indian Ocean it is hot it is humid but thankfully nothing more than that. Because for the second night in a row more than a thousand passengers and crew on -- -- cruise ship. At this -- out of effects under the star. That is the Costa Allegra crippled at -- because that's 636. Passengers and 413. Crew. Have been stranded hundreds of miles from land on a ship with no electricity. No toilets no air conditioning no way to -- food. The ship owned by Miami based Carnival Cruise Lines even ran out of fuel for its emergency generator. For so many on board it was to be the vacation of a lifetime. It began here on the Indian Ocean last week in Mauritius. The ship made its way to the spice island of Madagascar are on Saturday it was an open water off the coast of Somalia on Monday heading here to -- -- -- When suddenly an emergency was sounded a fire below -- that knocked out the ship's generators. No one was injured but the ship was left adrift in the most perilous waters on earth. Off the coast of Somalia. Where mobs of pirates roam the seas searching for ships -- -- He would advise any ships that travel that far away from the main islands to have armed guards on board and this cruise ship. We have -- on guns to respond if they were attacked. The first -- to respond to the distress signal a French fishing ship it began towing the stricken -- to safer waters slowly. The electorate he is now making its way here to fort Victoria. Main island of the -- shelves. It was to go on to Oman Egypt Jordan and finally Italy water trip. Not anymore. Who says lightning can't strike twice disaster has hit Costa cruise lines twice in two months. Yes that cost up as in caustic and Korea. The cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Italy. Chaos that followed thousands had to abandon the ship and darkness -- the captain and many crew abandoned them 25 are confirmed dead. Another seven are missing and presumed dead. All of which is far too close to home for Jane Thomas of Birmingham England. Her son James was a performer on the caustic and Chordiant who escaped down a human chain. Incredibly her daughter Rebecca is working on the Costa Allegra. You know up to us and -- situation we wanted to -- -- contact. Jane just wants to get her daughter safely home to children working on too ill fated ship's. Too much. You know all the -- -- society in the -- Two that -- -- difficulty beta -- that want to would be you know. As for James he's thinking of another line of work it's a shame -- is. I did -- crews -- an anti once. On of the one then there Tanya achieve bet. A picture to say you from that (%expletive) -- went night night ten. I think a lot of people are getting nervous about cruising we know that after the cost to come Chordiant disaster bookings dropped in the double. I would think twice about taking a close -- -- just because. Two incidents so close to one another give me ponds. Cruising sells itself as I worry free hassle free dream vacation but that's not always what it delivers. This was the scene in San Diego harbor in 2010. -- crippled Carnival Splendor to be towed to port after it too was struck by fire that knocked out its generator. This on one of the company's newest and biggest vessels. There were at least ten cruise ship fires in the previous three years killing six onboard. So at this critical time for the travel industry when people are booking their summer vacations. Is. Cruising safe. If you look at -- statistically cruising remains one of the safest forms of travel. -- now hobbled Costa Allegra is very slowly making its way here to the main island of this. -- chain it's expected to arrive sometime Thursday morning local time. What it doesn't -- to put real strains -- the resources here as they search to find hotel room for all the passengers and and to find flights. A word of advice for those thinking of taking a cruise and coming months or years. Remember to take a flashlight.

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{"id":15814014,"title":"Could Cruisers Face Pirates?","duration":"3:38","description":"The Costa Allegra cruise ship is stuck in the Indian Ocean without power.","url":"/Nightline/video/stranded-passengers-face-pirates-15814014","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}