Strippers for Jesus: Former Dancer Tries to Save Others

Former stripper turned missionary heads to strip clubs to convince dancers to leave the business.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Strippers for Jesus: Former Dancer Tries to Save Others
old-fashioned story of redemption, especially around the holidays. But have you ever heard of strip church? It may sound paradoxical, but for a group of suburban moms led by a former stripper it is never too late to be saved. They have the prayer circle to prove it. David wright joins their leader as she head back to the clubs for one unlikely recruiting job. Pope john paul said the opposite of love is not hate, but use, as in using another person for sexual gratification. If you want to gather around. Reporter: The christian tradition teaches love is all about giving yourself to other people. We pray for courage to night. We pray for humility. And we just pray that, security, bouncers, management, any bed th -- any bepd thody. Lust is taking and coveting. Taking a glance. Lust is a mortal sin. Why would born again christians venture into the lion's den of lust. Because they're missioners. Reporter: When I think of missionary work, I think of mother teresa, and the poor of calcutta, that sort of thing, i don't think of stiletto heels and a strip joint. Right. Where did jesus hang out? Who is going to go back and love these girls? Some one has got to do it right? Reporter: Jamie hideman used to be one of the girls and lead a group, divine, in orange county, california, part of the strip church network. Their motto, jesus loves strippers. They invited us as they made their round, distributing pink papers bags, stuffed with goodies. These are salted chocolate chip. How bad can that be? Reporter: Sugary treats and items. Nail polish, lipstick makes you feel good. Reporter: Hoping to win hearts and souls. We feel it is a nice little touch that you know you can make someone feel loved. And feel special that day. Reporter: Jamie was a stripper for three years. Now she is not just frying to save souls, she is trying to save women and offer them a chance for redemption. Amen. All right. Reporter: It is not an easy task. First up, saturday nights is starbuck's. After some liquid courage and energy in the form of a latte. Let's do it. Let's load up. Off off to the clubs. Nick, can you let us know when we are five minutes away. Reporter: First stop, seedy topless sports bar in anaheim. Hi, how is it going? Good to see you. The bouncer lets them waltz right in. Not our cameras. We had to wait. Good. Yeah, really good. They all were appreciative to the bags. Thanked us for coming. Asked us why we did this. Jamie said one girl seemed ready to hear their message. Just told us a horrific story. How a guy, ejaculated on her. She was so disgust she'd had to pour alcohol all over her bed ody to feel clean. She is trying how to get out. Reporter: Jamie can relate. At first I loved it. A party every night. I got a lot of attention. I thought I was able to control men. Men always hurt me in the past. Reporter: Then six months after she started stripping, everything changed. I was raped. You were raped? By one of your customers? One of your customers. In the strip club? In the strip joint. After this happened. I got to see the dark world i was living in, how twisted and scary it really was. Reporter: After that something switched off inside her. You kept dancing for two more years. I did. Because I -- I dent know widn't know what to do? Reporter: You got tough? Angry and tough. I was an empty shell of anger. Directed at every man that came in front of me. Reporter: She since found christian compassion even for the men who frequent the places. She sees them as sinners, just as she was. Back then I would say scum of the earth. Today I would say, wounded and broken. Reporter: Guilty of lust. In our society, it is everywhere. ♪ Strip clubs and dollar bills ♪ Reporter: She says the dark side of the business tend to get lost in a culture where pop stars like miley cyrus celebrate the sexiness of pole dancing. What's the difference between miley cyrus twerking or a lap dance in a strip club, venue and performer. For the girl that want to be loved, doesn't come from a good environment and looks to stars to resemble, and you go be like, and oh that must be how much it is to be sexy? It just helps them think that's how it is supposed to be. And puts them in the environment where, men that are unhealthy and wounded and broken can take advantage of them. Knowing that other dancers must feel trapped as she did. That motivates her to go off to the clubs. Not all the strippers want to be saved. At the library gentlemen's club we spoke with a dancer who goes by the name crystal. She asked us not to show her face. She told us stripping paid her way through law school. I garage waited law school. I have two kids. I am working on passing the bar. And I work at a law firm, as soon as I pass I am an attorney. Then you will stop here? I will. I will come back and visit. I like it. Appreciate what it is giving me in life. If I am not inflicting harm upon myself or another human being it is fine. Reporter: Lust paid your way through law school? Absolutely. It's fun. Fun to be flirty a little bit. Everybody has the side of them. When you embrace it, it's fun. Reporter: There is nothing wrong with the human body. And what we do is -- is a legal form of entertainment. We have licenses. We pay taxes. We, do all those things. Do you buy it? No. I don't. She insists she is not trying to save strirppers in a moralistic way, as booklets in the pink paper bags would seem to suggest. The strippers, with the strip church network. Stories from the bible that just show how much jesus loves the girls and how much god does not judge. She is trying to save them on a much more basic level. 100% of the women get sexually assaulted or raped in the industry. Reporter:100%? Yeah, 100%. Pretty high. When people think they love what they do. You can't. There is no way. Reporter: Tonight the bouncer at this club turns them away. Hi. How is it going? We are just here to drop off gifts for the girls. The missionaries are told they can leave their bags outside if they like. There is no way. Okay. Reporter: Which they do. Despite rejections like this she keeps going. Because she believes in this mission. I lived in the shame of it for ten years. It still destroyed me. I had no one to talko about it. I felt look people would beep disgusted by who I was. Reporter: If some one had come up to you -- and shoend yw you'd there was an after life, there was life after stripping, you would have seized it? Yeah. Exactly. After a long, saturday night at the strip joints, she's found her after life. ♪ ♪ this its amazing grace ♪ Reporter: Sunday mornings at church. She prays she scan hecan help others to follow in her footsteps. I'm david wright for "nightline" in california. Hope springs eternal.

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{"id":21026481,"title":"Strippers for Jesus: Former Dancer Tries to Save Others","duration":"3:00","description":"Former stripper turned missionary heads to strip clubs to convince dancers to leave the business.","url":"/Nightline/video/strippers-jesus-dancer-save-21026481","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}