Strollers: Latest Celebrity Status Symbol?

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Heidi Klum, seems swanky strollers are the hottest celeb accessory.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Strollers: Latest Celebrity Status Symbol?
State of the art shock absorbers one hand and steering and a price tag. That is liable to induce sticker shock while the new wave of luxury baby -- -- may seem over the top. There's no denying their explosive popularity or the backlash that's resulted ABC's juju Chang takes us inside the stroller wars. -- -- one hand and steering custom fabrics the adjustable seating it's a highly engineered performance vehicle and it's a stroll. Sticker price up to 16160. Dollars. But in this battered economy what explains the hot demand for a luxury -- -- The latest -- by four moms called origami is a battery operated machine which -- itself automatically. It hasn't LCD -- it gives you the weather and charges your cell -- Price tag 850 dollars which is a bargain compared to the 4500. Dollars -- kid customs Rodman. Of course the Kardashians sisters were cruising around with one on Khloe and Kourtney take Miami he would look at that -- second ago who are these people. Findings I think in the economy there's always a flight to value right is how -- at the UN -- -- product that has analyst tonight. But in -- -- and she's been no lose its status seeking moms have made bugaboo was the product of the pavement. As president of bugaboo Americas Kari boiler strategically placed -- product on sex in the city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we ran I was having a baby and so once that episode aired what did that do to your sales it was great we had a waiting lists of people saying when it comes we will ship. And nothing makes the fashion he said drool more than telling her she can't happen. Boiler made wait lists with each new model just. And Hollywood it -- speed the buzz -- -- the Damon and Heidi clue it's like free advertising courtesy of the paparazzi. Can you taste maker Rachel so proudly paraded her bugaboo for me of course hers was from the exclusive Mazzone a collection and the functionality appeals to daddy -- heads as well but not all mommies are buying it which drives some mommy bloggers like. Beth Feldman banana and are you a celebrity did you just get 25 million dollars for film you know congratulations -- -- it but. He don't necessarily have -- it. Keep up with -- -- -- that they noticed the difference between a 200 dollar stroller and it. 15100 -- -- my own children have never set to -- mom might remember back to those pastries to -- -- around the neighborhoods. Instead of 16160. Dollars for a stroller. Parents could buy safe fourth housing diapers or a year's worth the formula or more than six TE RC. Laugh all you want but it might just -- savvy investment luxury strollers pulled their resale value. To find out what moms think we made our way to a smaller size plus New York City with the ladies aren't talking about shoes and purses. They're comparing strollers. And people are impressed by I think it's not Smart and I think that it holds up really really well. -- ridiculous trilogy what I do is they just. And yet the high price makes -- juicy target for grand that stroller. Just. -- guide is going to put me out of business but despite the perils parents will always find new work and better ways to indulge their didn't. And perhaps and so I'm juju Chang for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":17325859,"title":"Strollers: Latest Celebrity Status Symbol?","duration":"3:00","description":"From Gwyneth Paltrow to Heidi Klum, seems swanky strollers are the hottest celeb accessory.","url":"/Nightline/video/strollers-latest-celebrity-status-symbol-17325859","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}