Super Bowl Ads Preview

More Super Bowl ads are going online before the big game. We preview the best.
3:48 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Super Bowl Ads Preview
Used to be that these Super Bowl had a little something for everyone right football for the football fans commercials that cost -- 100000 dollars a second. For everyone else but this year if you haven't seen all the best ads before the game. You're not paying attention to explain why and free up some bathroom breaks for you on Sunday here's ABC's David Wright with tonight's assignment. It all started with a little boy and his Darth Vader costume. The blockbuster -- of the Super Bowl. In part because the folks at Volkswagen and their ad agencies use the force of the intern. Releasing their big ad on line before the game -- -- -- by the -- time. Get people excited -- watch -- and they'll watch the ad and in the -- -- posted tweet about it and that's a dynamic that more Margaret portrait Horace. This year not only is VW reprising its Star Wars theme this time with dog. Ten million hits and counting. Every other car company you can name is also following VW strategize releasing their ads early to. Most of them just like Volkswagen. Playing on movies its -- Serbia -- -- Honda brings back Ferris Mueller you're not shooting today taking another day off. He bought it. Only this time he's doing writing not in Cameron's dad's Ferrari. Rather I get my CRV -- at least -- -- Honda CR but he really Broderick. Broderick as much cooler when it was -- for -- that's correct yes but at the -- being and the same -- Saudi goes with it violates out. What's killing all those vampires. Powerful headlights on that out if that's what. The most original Super Bowl car at this year may be Suzuki. It features an eskimo upgrading his dog's life. Giving us a break. This role that don't necessarily -- the original model Adriana Lima was such a hit in 2008 Victoria's Secret commercial. This year she's back. Hawking flowers for -- for a and cars for he. Me yeah. -- always sells she stands out like -- hot new -- -- Did you ever think Internet domain names could be sexy -- figured it out. When they -- have for the ladies as well as the months of straight men there's this. He. David Beckham hobby Wear shorts must -- To what extent are they trying to so shoes and soft drinks and cars and to what extent are they going for the Cleo awards. Most of the best as the year political argue she seemed to ritual ball they're higher profit falls at celebrities. They have stunts special effects would normally see in a Procter and gala for -- is a -- -- revenue I -- -- -- that -- Pepsi practically put out an electronic press -- of their Elton John at oh Pepsi you fool you. Including behind the scenes footage will there be any surprises on Super -- -- I think there'd still be some companies go old school and stay mob until -- -- -- but these days that's the exception as things have grabbed the rule. This year the rules seems to be dead it out early. Generate some -- by Super Bowl Sunday the only new thing maybe gain. And maybe the halftime show. Better -- -- and David Wright for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":15476953,"title":"Super Bowl Ads Preview","duration":"3:48","description":"More Super Bowl ads are going online before the big game. We preview the best.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowl-ads-preview-best-15476953","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}