For Super Bowl Betting, It's Vegas Baby

During Super Bowl weekend, Sin City becomes a hot spot for game gamblers.
5:23 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for For Super Bowl Betting, It's Vegas Baby
Las Vegas is a town known for -- -- party's Super Bowl is a game known for driving fans crazy Sabrina to together. And -- in nearly 100. Million dollars in high stakes game day wagers and you've got to her recipe for weekend that defies the ability of language to describe it. Luckily ABC's David Wright has a picture of the -- and the action. Seventy the fans will be at Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the AFC champions -- the NFC. -- five times that many will watch the game in this gaudy neon oasis in the Nevada desert sixty. Hundred miles away we'll do you think. -- do you want to be February 5 and Indianapolis. Lost to Hingis closed table and am not very much of a struggle -- you know spends the Indianapolis I -- 200%. We turn -- lights on everybody has a party. -- Super Bowl weekend Vegas becomes the biggest and this is -- man cave on the planet. Like a modern man cave -- -- that I am okay sure -- -- could go to Delaware the only other state where betting on football is legal. OKV. Sports betting for the people who said -- what's the difference if I watch a game I had taken on an honest that you don't want. Buy a ticket and watch -- game all of a sudden you're gonna watch it like you've never ever watch it before trust me on that. Jimmy the -- may be the most influential book in Vegas setting the odds on sports for more than thirty years and is it still -- in the mainstream sports football basketball baseball football is the king making the Super Bowl from a -- perspective. The biggest single sporting event of the year I'll -- -- good analogy. I don't dead horse racing but I bet Kentucky Derby the one day of the year. Because it's the Kentucky Derby. As much as 93 million wagered on one game -- total they're hoping defeat this year. We all know there's -- -- we -- -- that it's not been good the past few years people find money to bet on football. For every dollar they spend on gambling they spend at least as much on everything else. And tonight they'll get a table -- that a VIP parties. It's a great night for the hotel will be sold out. Lisa mark -- chief of marketing at the cosmopolitan says for casual bettors. Football is a lot less intimidating than some of the other casino games. I don't know what happened the thing. But with football you know if you don't -- it. You've got your team. You know we're equipment extreme but that they have -- -- great ancillary events -- like he's getting at the first touchdown runs in his gonna get the next yardage as the -- I was awful. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll Chad Ochocinco score a touchdown with -- first player to score touchdowns have an -- or an even number Jersey. -- the patriots score more points than LeBron James does for the Miami Heat Sunday. It's all more art than science the propositions and the point spread all decided by the book. It's -- decision to gain to -- after three that's my decision other huge pressure that they -- you have put your cash out of your pocket I think I'm a little smarter than you. At times. At times he has gotten it wrong the biggest losing proposition of his career. Back in the days -- Super Bowl shelf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you love them -- because -- is in 1985. Super Bowl twenty. Bears vs the patriots I can still see refrigerator Perry crossing the goal line. In the 81 Super Bowl when it was about a hundred to one that he was for a touchdown of the game we paid dearly I can still -- -- -- 26 -- solicitor. Every other casino game comes down to strict mathematical probability. How likely are you to roll -- seven. -- make -- grab that little ball land on your lucky numbers instead with sports it's all up to the book. Pressure's on you. -- little there yes I would say there's a little -- Johnny -- -- chief sports bookmaker at Wynn says the wild card this year is the giants. Early this season the bookmakers put the odds of them winning the Super Bowl. At 100 to one if you're the better you're seeing with the giants and hire that one for 200 dollars that's the -- point thousand dollars. And how many people are gonna be an -- there's quite a few. You're out there is there a chance it could break the bank. Now it will not break the bank. Win -- lose there is no better place to watch the Super -- This is an ideal location for the Super Bowl rating and the fifty yard line of the iconic Bellagio fountains and I would think that the ones that -- the game. But that -- nightclubs like this lanky new -- Bellagio -- sports -- for a day. The DJ Booth replaced by giant flat screen TV's. Even the refreshments are -- the question is that with a pillow with -- Singles race I'm David Wright for Nightline and it's doing -- Our thanks to David Wright -- that watch good morning America's coverage tomorrow live from Indianapolis -- Super Bowl blowout including an interview with -- T well.

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{"id":15503632,"title":"For Super Bowl Betting, It's Vegas Baby","duration":"5:23","description":"During Super Bowl weekend, Sin City becomes a hot spot for game gamblers.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowl-betting-vegas-baby-15503632","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}