Super Bowl 47 Recap: Blackout, Brother Coaches, Beyonce

ABC's David Wright covers the good, the bad and viral of this year's big game.
3:00 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl 47 Recap: Blackout, Brother Coaches, Beyonce
What -- turned in for football history the beyoncé concert or the commercial madness. Over a 108 million people the third biggest audience ever tuned -- watch Super Bowl 47. Tonight our own Monday evening quarterback is bringing us the brilliant the bad and the most cringe worthy moments of the big game here's ABC's David -- We don't know the final score on the scoreboard no one more so than those two Brothers the older brother John Harbaugh to the ravens -- still top dog. Niners coach Jim there's always next year in Vegas -- said offered odds on whether -- hug after the game for seven and a half seconds or more. -- suckers bet it turns out. Harbaugh handshake -- the sort of manly restraint you usually see in earnest Hemingway novels. -- Clint Eastwood movies ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco was breathless with excitement. Meanwhile -- -- nick looked like his romance with his biceps is over for now he'll be back. But probably showing a bit more gun control. -- -- already seem so 2012. Doesn't. Beyoncé the Super Bowl itself wouldn't do. After all that fuss over the inauguration at times during her rather athletic performance during the halftime show. She seemed at pains to prove to the audience that yes Mike was on. -- lip syncing. -- the voice wasn't perfect this time -- -- she's a definite winner her star power alone seeing a light up the super. So when the lights went out minutes later he didn't take long for someone to tweet. Beyoncé unplug. That wasn't. Her fault. Wasn't that -- -- either -- John Harbaugh certainly gave him an earful know apparently the problem had to do with an abnormality. In sensing equipment that operated as designed. Whatever that means a day later and they're still not much light on what caused the outage. It meant a lot more commercial breaks than expected. The losers there were bar Raphael -- who apparently had to endure 45. -- of that one person treated stop daddy. -- -- -- need somebody willing to get up before dawn Miller a California winner among the ads was this -- touting America's farmers. The pitch man the late great Paul Harvey. Throws and those pictures brought tears to your -- in the what's the product is not so clear that he we dodge trucks. He had it sure was nice so god made a former. Another winner the gift for me howdy and inspired by his cool ride. -- the prom queen. Director shame coffee it's easily the most visible role he's landed so far. You get to keep the car. I didn't get to keep the cards however they let me. As they did it hurt by headlights and leave cities. Through the student directors of their. About and they want to fifty -- We won't be -- James Bonds -- They don't have that to rid of the Golden Globes and Emmys in this -- -- quote. Speaking of Hollywood this was a winning night for the man who inspired the movie the blind side. Michael lower who plays for the ravens fulfilled a childhood dream rising from homelessness. To a Super Bowl championship. Adopted mom wins -- for a finally among the winners the youngest participants in this Super Bowl kids who helped Jennifer Hudson performed America the beautiful. Although sandy hook elements so beautiful to see them so full of life and hope their spirit the ultimate. I'm David Wright for Nightline.

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{"id":18406278,"title":"Super Bowl 47 Recap: Blackout, Brother Coaches, Beyonce","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's David Wright covers the good, the bad and viral of this year's big game.","url":"/Nightline/video/super-bowl-xlvii-recap-blackout-brother-coaches-beyonce-18406278","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}