Superstorm Sandy Causes Havoc on the Jersey Shore

Historic storm brought devastating flooding and high winds to several coastal towns.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Causes Havoc on the Jersey Shore
We're joy and my co -- turn around who's been reporting all live from the hard hit New Jersey shoreline where. Homes were flooded -- entire peers were swept away in a storm that many there are calling the worst they had ever seen. Terry tell us what's happening -- made -- night. But a very different -- Jersey Shore tonight -- its seven hours almost instantly and bullets -- studies. -- almost hurricane force winds. Coming off the Atlantic Ocean behind us the spotlight is starting to -- the crowds. But there are sixteen million people who were the path of this storm and just about -- -- as well as into. One way or another they'll win the rain the storm surge. That cold about it for those. Without power and orbiting them here during the course that -- -- Here's how it all unfold. Roared assured them. Lashing out with a fearsome winds and a monstrous storm surge -- communities up and down the coast for hundreds of mind. In Britain to nine beach New Jersey -- equation Gulf Coast. Along Atlantic city's famed boardwalk fifteen foot waves crashed over the seawall. From nearby residential streets were turned into rivers. In hatteras North Carolina the enormous served more roads and beaches. All along the coast seventy mile per hour winds battered communities as millions of Americans hunkered down under the fury of the storm. The drama began early this morning as the storm headed toward the eastern seaboard in the midst of that maelstrom and incredible helicopter rescue at sea. The Coast Guard -- fourteen people from the roiling waters. After the tall ship HMS bounty which -- starred in Hollywood movies for decades including the pirates of the Caribbean films. Foundered and sunk to the bottom of the -- One crew member confirmed dead and others still missing. Earlier today in -- -- America's oldest seaside resort. Sandy battered the grand homes devoured the broad beaches and flooded the streets practically turning the case. Into an island. But Sandy's real destructive forces focused and north of here -- huge hit maker of a right hook. That deadly northeast quadrant of the storm and the most densely populated area of the country millions of people are going to be effective. By -- time in Washington DC President Obama breaking off the campaign took up the middle of office once again to urge Americans. -- -- all the ominous warning the most important message that I have for the public right now is please listen. To what your state and local officials are saying. When they tell you to evacuate. You need to back -- do not go away I don't Paul's don't question. The instructions that are being given. By afternoon sandy spawned snowstorms in West Virginia and flood warnings as far west as Chicago. And tonight as we see the massive impact all along the East Coast this year scale of the storm is staggering. Almost four million people without power more than one point five million evacuated. 141000. Flight cancellations across the country and from space tonight. The gigantic storm seems to have earned its Halloween moniker. Franken storm. From land tonight the moon peeked through the clouds at the eye of the storm. And as I think we can now start seeing some of the book light. Here tonight there is a brutal and dangerous magnificence in a storm like this. It didn't -- roaring through here and it's now just Herring of the midwest tomorrow and in the days ahead here. Of course at New -- The reckoning.

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{"id":17595625,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Causes Havoc on the Jersey Shore","duration":"3:00","description":"Historic storm brought devastating flooding and high winds to several coastal towns.","url":"/Nightline/video/superstorm-sandy-havoc-jersey-shore-17595625","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}