Superstorm Sandy Puts Staten Island Underwater

NYC borough residents were evacuated from rooftops or trapped after a "tsunami-like" wall of water.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Puts Staten Island Underwater
You're gonna take you back to New York City where actually the full extent of the ruin caused by sandy is only now. Coming into focus so let's go to ABC's Dan Harris our colleague who is in Staten Island tonight Dan. Terry good evening to you from and -- of what remains of a neighborhood restaurant here. The people in this area say they were hit by -- sort of -- nominee in many ways it was a secret C -- -- because. The vast majority of the media attention has really focused on the Jersey Shore and also lower Manhattan. -- -- today we decided to travel here to Staten Island to see for ourselves this hidden pocket of utter devastation. We woke up this morning to alarming images out of Staten Island people being locked up their -- gazed at sandy in scenes reminiscent of Katrina. Also reports of a desperate search for two children swept away from their mom in the storm surge and then word that that death -- had nearly doubled. To fourteen. It was becoming clear that Staten Island sleepy -- -- best known as the namesake for the famous Staten Island ferry. Was a world away from the rest of this city which today was getting moving again. So we hop in the car outside our office in Manhattan. Expecting a journey that would be made very difficult but its cities and maddening host norm -- instead the real problem became getting yes. We -- around northern New Jersey for hours -- -- interminable lines and frustrated people. -- -- -- Not that everything. We were only saved by some relatives of one of our colleagues who brought us at two gallon jet of gas -- yankees keep it okay. Finally we are it and look at what we saw -- next from our window. To transform the welcome to the and we got to the flooding. Mike Roman -- salvaged his kids clothing from their flooded out house -- -- We'll miss my casual and political -- site outlook. So it's. Stuff they force the advised that you -- We quickly started to hear stories about a wall of water that came through here the water was up to that -- that -- -- when -- yes. Okay for the -- of could be wounds coming at all front door. And dragging cars down the main cause Vick my quad quadrant. -- -- causal bridge between -- -- cost flipped over. And it was just it was it's amazing it was like a tsunami at one point to wage depression -- -- common -- -- all -- -- houses here and it was this extraordinary goes up and. It was coming in rushing like like a bit Simmons is coming and this is happening around that corner and rushing down. Some people were trapped in their homes and drowned. Given a lot of comparisons to Katrina which is interesting for me -- -- -- Katrina -- say this this is something that really does remind me of Katrina. Emergency officials walking through this neighborhood and marking every single house. So that other emergency officials who -- through can no other bodies in here hasn't been cleared. The deeper we went on our tour held the more bizarre this -- became. When the waves came through they radically reshuffled the deck here things everybody's worldly possessions way at a place the -- In the driveway and -- take a look at this. We have a jacuzzi. In a tree this is quite extraordinary it reminds me of what one guy we met just a few hours ago said he asked me questions and who's the boss and I said who and he said mother nature. But the craziest thing we saw today was Donald Clark -- house this in your house right here yeah. That is my house it used to be over the that get the house -- to put a fine point on this the house was there right. And the water pushed it all however it pushed it and other slides used to be on this so it pushed it and -- and it's what's this -- it's sad he told us that he will rebuild. Resilience. And a recognition that mother nature is in fact. The boss. For Nightline this Dan Harris on Staten now.

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{"id":17614036,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Puts Staten Island Underwater","duration":"3:00","description":"NYC borough residents were evacuated from rooftops or trapped after a \"tsunami-like\" wall of water.","url":"/Nightline/video/superstorm-sandy-puts-staten-island-underwater-17614036","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}