'Swamp Brothers': Grabbin' Gators

Robbie and Stephen Keszey wade through swamps to capture deadly creatures.
3:00 | 01/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Swamp Brothers': Grabbin' Gators
Well there's the Wright Brothers the ringling Brothers the -- marks in Mario Brothers but to the best of our knowledge none of those famous siblings. Ever intentionally waited into an alligator infested look don't believe -- of those thought Brothers and without further ado. Here's ABC's Matt Gutman. There's something right here pharmaceutical. OK yeah go get it in this putrid -- looks 200 million years all. And the -- Gators a -- of -- And nothing between how foolish and their TV outlets. -- -- -- Welcome to this -- the -- slippery tooth and adrenaline infused life now. Of the swamp Brothers other -- adding it. Host of their own chilling discovery. Called my guest -- Brothers the -- he's -- and Stephen provide a perfect vehicle would experience won't like. All -- same -- of former personal assistant for the band poison exudes a sort of hard core qualities associated with rockets. -- -- -- -- He little overly confident in -- in more talent. Do you think of doing that you've got 15100 pounds of pressure per square inch fighting down my guess would be no I -- so -- little brother Steven an overnight former bartender. Represents most of us it's chasing -- -- -- someone with. Healthy sense of self Haitian. Then yeah -- -- For Robbie it was a way of making a living that combines the thing is he not. Reptiles education. And -- -- here. They -- and breed reptiles often selling them for medical research their mission is to educate us. And Titanic bands. Together the often bickering Brothers got Brett will kill you like a black model will kill it would probably kill -- -- allergic to beat -- You're an offer a weekly tutorial and all things -- -- venomous snakes and not. What's not to -- The Brothers invited Nightline to their reptiles -- -- Florida city to have reason to be nervous and equipment since its legal. Natural this inclination. To manhandled -- and her pets falling off. Niki is our fearless producer. Who happens not to be so fearless and comes -- stakes because -- are eager to change that. I've overcome my fear. What people keep things. What's what's the point and what isn't -- -- -- snakes -- is used in several medical research like Green -- bedroom. It is used in its first stroke research inferred. It's a blood thinner so they use it for heart attacks strokes water box and bottom. They're actually using it to work on it cures for arthritis. And this -- This is cold then a -- Dole would processed into fine powder it goes for bond to -- thousand dollars a gram or about the weight of a dollar bill. That's enough to kill 1020 people. What's -- Stephen just put it carefully enough for -- -- not putting that -- market that's not. That's now that's something I don't want -- even. Gamble with -- been hooked on reptiles since she was -- -- -- dealing with -- since I've been eight years old and today -- day I'm still just. I'm gaga over this stuff a lot of the work on the -- entails hearing for his creators not something for the faint of heart just getting. The bag in front of his head like caught. Nor is feeding their most dangerous creature -- Cuban crocodile. -- with the people. -- -- These guys are the most most acrobatic crocodile various. Thinking jumped fourteen vertically just from straight down -- Straight this crocodile is one of the most endangered in the world often hunted for its valuable -- a Cuban -- -- sell for ten -- A baby hats and Cuban will sell for 3000 dollars. Right out of the next dealers and analysts and other real live gators their real live gators -- right -- yeah. Now from the -- -- -- -- grabbing the gators now inviting him they have drag me. That's what's wrong here. Pretty good -- polluted -- jumped. Now it's -- That's a pro now for Nightline about -- Bushnell Florida. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15293538,"title":"'Swamp Brothers': Grabbin' Gators","duration":"3:00","description":"Robbie and Stephen Keszey wade through swamps to capture deadly creatures.","url":"/Nightline/video/swamp-brothers-grabbin-gators-15293538","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}