Synthetic Drug Use in the US Military

A National Geographic investigation explores the use of synthetic drugs within the armed forces.
3:45 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Synthetic Drug Use in the US Military
-- -- -- new breed of powerful synthetic drugs with names like spice and bad selves they are still open. There -- spice mimics the effects might want now that sells. Look like -- -- Strong -- similar accident that -- means she. Thanks -- like no drops on -- Jordan -- his friend who we will call it quits started using synthetic drugs at what. As Marines I was at press time to get back South -- and the wheels ago. What does it did you make -- -- did you do whatever you want. This feels good Jordan was kicked out a month ago for disciplinary reasons but -- is still on active duty. Which is why we are not showing his thing. How popular -- synthetic drugs in the military. It's an epidemic blank 57%. Had tried or currently do -- nestled -- world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Marines don't release an official statistics on synthetic drugs -- So it's difficult to verify it would Jordan tells us one that we did anybody is that -- can be by anyway. And downtown San Diego about to go into -- head -- to -- -- -- These classes there's cap and parents are becoming the whole time to have proven deadly drug like the second -- -- -- -- And the legacy of what was. -- In this shop that's salts are sold under the brand name bubbles and its -- And they are kept hidden from most customers they have no problem purchasing the infamous dropped its case this. Walked but to the real problem when Jordan was at Camp Pendleton he says he routinely smoked synthetic marijuana. With other means. He also tried bath salts. -- it. Exciting and amazing and Terrell the -- in time to bad drug it's a horrible horrible horrible. Life ruining -- -- drug that no -- ever do. But critics on the other hand has just purchased half of -- and he is anxious to get started. What does it into little different from other cuts the intense mess I knew I right -- Yes. I think being. Funniest thing as soon find out how far can take do you think you'll -- stop. Yes. Think that that is soon. We reached out to the Marines for comments on synthetic drug use in the -- and treatment of addiction. And it -- told they could not meet our deadline. But in the same week that we last spoke to Chris. The navy launched an massive awareness campaign about the dangerous fat cells including this public service announcement. The navy's campaign illustrates that synthetic drugs -- are growing concern militant -- since last -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nelson. November 11 2000 below. -- few days after we last saw him. This was pulled over by military police as he was being questioned about his strange behavior. Chris admitted teasing that sounds Chris is now being processed out of the Marines. That's as strong a substance that I've -- -- -- -- mile line and went coming down off of it yourself. And you hope you never do it again I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19622809,"title":"Synthetic Drug Use in the US Military","duration":"3:45","description":"A National Geographic investigation explores the use of synthetic drugs within the armed forces.","url":"/Nightline/video/synthetic-drug-us-military-19622809","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}