Tea Time at the Republican National Convention

"Young gun" VP candidate Paul Ryan rails against President Obama, ignites crowd.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Tea Time at the Republican National Convention
Day three of the Republican National Convention where this -- was just buzzing tonight because many. Probably most of the delegates here believe they saw and heard the future of their party and they hope. The country Paul Ryan 42 year old congressman from Janesville Wisconsin. Darling of the Tea Party conservatives and Mitt Romney's choice for vice president. -- he gave a speech here that just simply -- the place it may be Mitt Romney's convention. But tonight it felt a lot like Paul Ryan's party. Big stage here tonight a young man in a hurry. -- -- -- Fired with appears conservative passion. I accept the calling of my generation. To give our children the America that was given to us with opportunity for the young. And security for the old. -- I know that we are ready. Young family watching in the hall Ryan delighted the crowd with a -- and specifically those who think. Off economic generation. College graduates should not have to live out their twenties in their childhood bed rooms staring up but fading Obama posters. I'm wondering when that. He rolled on blasting President Obama. These past four years. We have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What -- and plunging into the debate over the future of Medicare. The greatest threat to Medicare. Is Obama care and we are going to stop it. Ryan's big moment up -- that podium is in many ways -- Party to him. That movement spontaneously. Erupted in. 2010. It is grown to an irresistible force in the Republican Party -- establishment leaders scurrying for cover or scrambling to keep up. They drive the party's direction now -- -- lot of ways they're having their. A couple of blocks the official -- hundreds of True Blue -- true red. Conservatives. Revival style -- Future. Inside the revival. These grassroots activists are moving -- Whole new crop of leaders to follow Paul -- -- the stakes have never been higher. Americans are uniting. To turn our country Iran Ted cruise shocked the political world last month when he won the Republican nomination for US senator in Texas crushing them. Handpicked candidate -- governor Rick Perry of the GOP establishment. We are seeing. A great awakening. Listen to him you know this is where the reeling from the future the party. I think the future. -- the 2010. And 2000 when. Has been the grassroots and there has the end of that elections are decided by the people on the man. By. Those in power -- This is how political movements happen and whatever you might think about Tea Party conservatives. They are remaking the Republican Party the old fashioned way. You think this is. A movement that fizzles -- that the future. But I think it is absolutely the future. You look at the beginning of 22. A lot of media outlets read the story gardens. And I think this -- and -- and the Tea Party had a lot of protest blazing hot sun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They rolled up their sleeves and got involved in the party got involved in any -- -- block walking phone phone banking. And so tonight in the -- hall the future was happening but for a moment it was a voice from the recent past that held the crowd spellbound. I can remember as if it were yesterday. When my young assistants came into my office at the White House to say. That a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Condoleezza Rice stirred the delegates with her tale of American exceptional -- A little girl grows up in Jim -- Birmingham. The segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to movie theater or to a restaurant. But they never absolutely convinced that even if she can't have a hamburger at Woolworth's lunch counter she could be president of the United States -- she wanted to be. Material -- The crowd was primed for Ryan. And the future he represents. So here is our pledge. We will not duck the tough species we believe. We will not spend the next four years blaming others we will take responsibility. We will not try to replace our founding principles. We will -- apply our founding principles. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17112178,"title":"Tea Time at the Republican National Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Young gun\" VP candidate Paul Ryan rails against President Obama, ignites crowd.","url":"/Nightline/video/tea-time-republican-national-convention-17112178","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}