Teachers' Heroic Actions Save Students

Teachers recall surviving dangerous tornadoes that hit Moore, Oklahoma schools.
2:31 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Teachers' Heroic Actions Save Students
Finally tonight just eleven days ago uniformed first responders were springing into action and more Oklahoma. And yet as new heroes emerge David -- pays tribute to the teachers. Protecting their students -- that mile wide tornado battered their school. Hear screams we will never forget the children burying their heads of fire wood elementary. Trapped under that -- need puzzling over. We will also never forget the calm instincts of their teachers so many. This is he pulled the -- No -- got her own daughter in the fourth -- 4% in the first three. -- survived and he saw the moment little Sam found his mother looking up better. And when she took us back this week. She showed us where he was in the back quarter of that room and lying on top -- him in the other children his teacher mrs. Biddle. My son and all the other kids -- down with their hands clasped. And I think. Series of friends and she's couldn't record. And I know that my son and daughter were both in the hands of people who love -- them in this is his bill. My entire class. Was. Safe and well delivered to parents and teachers the plaza towers. Didn't shoot them flipping -- -- And -- -- and we were given to tour that other school to plaza towers elementary -- -- lost seven little faces in one hallway. Which still a mystery a miracle -- how so many others got out. Most everything there is gone. But we know -- mayor Daley's first grade classroom intact the school were right -- on the desk where was all left and just before that tornado hit. They were writing what they'd like most about their teacher over -- -- KP cupcakes. And they were remembering because this was just -- couple -- -- -- school for the year. I can't help us notice her necklace and get a great big. Continues I didn't know a lot of those parents are grateful. Do you. And then knew exactly. You sound as nice sounds all -- -- -- yearlong.

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{"id":19303511,"title":"Teachers' Heroic Actions Save Students","duration":"2:31","description":"Teachers recall surviving dangerous tornadoes that hit Moore, Oklahoma schools.","url":"/Nightline/video/teachers-heroic-actions-save-students-19303511","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}