Teens Recreate 'Project X' Parties

Police have arrested multiple people for destroying homes.
5:17 | 03/17/12

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Transcript for Teens Recreate 'Project X' Parties
Story of how life imitates Hollywood. With disastrous results it's a wildly popular movie about an out of control teen party full of boozing drugs and big ticket destruction. The movie characters get away with just a hangover but for real life teens copying these parties the spring break. The consequences are far more serious ABC's Brian always shows us what happens when kids -- at home. The teenager project X is a comedy if you're a parent it is -- scariest of horror. Here's forty bucks and my cards often. The film which opened two weeks ago tells the story of three teenage dorks who throw an epic house party. While mom and dad -- -- and now. The students be cool. It's supposed to make them popular and instead it makes a massive mess. -- turn sell the house in the movie isn't the only one getting trashed. Last week this Florida teen posted on YouTube invitation. To his own projects its authority -- A tour of a foreclosed home outside Miami. That police say he vandalized. Police arrested the would be host Monday morning both for his party happened. But no one told the nearly 2000 people who showed up later that night. In Houston the trend took a fatal turn. After a project X party invitation went viral on FaceBook and Twitter almost a thousand people showed up at this empty mansion and when police tried to break it up one party goers started shooting. Eighteen year old Ryan spikes was killed he was a senior in high school on the football team just months from graduation. Its treasures so mother who lost their trial which could be rewarded. Also in the Houston area look at what happened to this home two weeks ago. There was some while. -- control injured -- homeless was just shortly. Mark Stephens is a retired detective turned private investigator. Who was hired to find out who did it. We can't remember that -- -- holding figuring that they would come back. And they did you know I asked him why you'll sizzle -- project. While repairs are nearly complete look no further than that pile of debris in the garage as a reminder of the damage done. That's an interior -- that they rip off the wall and broken. All eleven people have been charged with criminal trespassing and may face more serious charges in Michigan this dad got involved before the police had to. No party. His son Mikey tweeted invitations to what he cleverly called. Well project him party. Follow his Twitter account and it's clear the film inspired his would be ranger on March 1 he tweeted. -- take this little cat nap then -- project X later I guess. Then march 2 most inspiring movie ever best one and OYL hash tag. Game changer you can almost hear the gears turning. On March 7 Mikey tweets hey does anyone have a good ox -- If you could please hit me up one day later. Anyone have a strobe lights and then the kicker I don't think people really know how much it takes to do what I'm doing tomorrow. And just like that Mike he's party became a top trend on Twitter the high -- -- got Morris BPs from around the world. -- -- did it as like a joke but. I mean I guess people -- as -- I'm -- -- -- the next project X. Well -- made him cancel and had the police camp out outside his house to deter potential party goers. Sorry about what happened we didn't mean -- get that big it may have crib Mikey style but it upped his street cred -- local division all of Gawker Media offered him a job. Impressed by his marketing skills. All of this free publicity clearly isn't hurting the movie either. Project X has grossed more than forty million dollars at the box office. Not bad for a film produced on a shoestring budget. -- Todd Phillips. The man who directed that god father of modern day boys and whose movies the hangover franchise. And the -- classic love letter until a wild for eternity parties. Old school. For its part Warner Bros. the studio distributing project -- had this to say about the copycat parties. These incidents are deplorable. Warner Bros. does not condone and strongly discourages. Anyone from attempting to imitate conduct portrayed by actors during the filming of a motion picture. But that clearly hasn't stopped the parties and parents looked -- word is a sequel is already in the works. I'm -- Owens for Nightline in doubt. Be afraid be very afraid our thanks to Ryan. And just ahead from George Clooney to the guy behind Connie 2012. -- today was a bizarre day to remember what.

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{"id":15942843,"title":"Teens Recreate 'Project X' Parties","duration":"5:17","description":"Police have arrested multiple people for destroying homes.","url":"/Nightline/video/teens-recreate-project-parties-15942843","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}